This could affect you. The longer term ACC plan was to direct Prospect cyclists along Braund Rd Boulevard, to shared paths, etc, then Frome St Bikeway.

Can you urgently contact ACC councillors? Ask councillors to vote to keep the Frome Street Bikeway in its current form. For email addresses of ACC councillors who voted against and for at the earlier meeting, see two posts on page 4 of
Tuesday 23-Jun-2015 ACC’s Economic & Community Development Committee voted 7:5 to look at removing the existing Frome Bikeway infrastructure, to enable four peak hour traffic lanes.  This would be done while retaining the bikeway in some form. (Expect narrower bike lane so no room to overtake cargo bikes, close to dooring zone of parked cars, and safer concrete barriers replaced by flexible bollards.) This decision needs to be ratified at Council meeting on 30-Jun-2015 to take effect and councillors do change their mind.
Next ACC Meeting Tuesday 30-Jun-2015 starting at 6pm in Council Chamber, Town Hall, King William Street, Adelaide. Stay tuned to above AC discussion and BISA website (, because I would like to organise many cyclists to attend the meeting. Suggestion of group ride along Frome Bikeway before the meeting, with media contacted.

More info at:
– Frome Street Bikeway media coverage – Posted on AC on 22-Apr-2015 by City of Adelaide – – Recent comments start on page 13
– Frome Street Bikeway Independent Review 2015 – Posted on AC on 19-Jun-2015 by City of Adelaide –
– Frome Street Bikeway reduces traffic: official report – Published on 19-Jun-2015 by Indaily
– ACC’s Frome St Bikeway set to stay after independent evaluation – Published on 19-Jun-2015 by The Advertiser
– Frome Bikeway – Outcome of independent review – Published on 23-Jun-2015 by ACC – – 133 pages and 14MB
– Councillors question Frome St Bikeway findings – Published on 23-Jun-2015 by Indaily
– Yarwood weighs in on bikeway backdown – Published on 24-Jun-2015 by Indaily
– Frome St Bikeway: The way ahead – Posted on 24-Jun-2015 by BISA –
– The Frome Street Bikeway lives, but not as we know it – Published on 24-Jun-2015 by Bike SA –

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Replies to This Discussion

Includes notes from campaign statements at Bike SA Spin Cycle during 2014 local govt elections.

The following ACC support the motion for a report on removing the infrastructure:
– Houssam Abiad: He stated: Does not ride a bike. Walks in city because convenient between office, work and ACC. State govt does not have plan for cycling and walking connectivity. About 4 years got a motorbike and now understands where to look for motorbikes. State govt should train drivers where to look for cyclists.
– Alex Antic:
– Martin Haese: Stated: ONCE cycled 20 years ago. Need education for ALL road users.
– Natasha Malani: Member AC & Vote For Cyclists. Gets BUG News. Stated: Strong advocate for cycling. Attended European and Australian Velo-city conferences. Does not support Frome removal but wrong design. Debate should be about offering a range of transport options.
– Phillip Martin:
– Anne Moran:
– Sandy Wilkinson: Gets BUG News. He stated: Rode to school, uni and first 7 years to work at ACC. No longer cycles everyday due to carrying work folders and dropping children to school. One thing for adult to cycle confidently in traffic but another thing when escorting children. When cycling with children through roundabouts, he must move out into the traffic to place himself between children and vehicles. Need more cycle networks through city.

The following ACC voted against the motion, i.e. keep current Frome Bikeway:
– Sue Clearihan: Gets BUG News
– Priscilla Corbell: Stated: Supports ACC’s SmartMove.
– Megan Hender: A Megan Hender member of AC. Gets BUG News. Stated: Supports cycling. Supports 40 km/h.
– Robert Simms: Member AC & Vote For Cyclists. Gets BUG News. Stated: Vision for Adelaide as leading sustainable city so cycling safety and accessibility. Lower speed limits. Zebra crossings. Need more cycling infrastructure. Integrated design. Cycling and business can work together. Supports 40 km/h for benefit of elderly and children.
– David Slama: Gets BUG News. Stated: This year visited and cycled with his 95yo grandfather in Stuttgart. In Germany people share the road. Promote that spirit here.

A ride to show your support for the Frome Street Bikeway.
ACC is considering making the bikeway narrower, to fit in four lanes of traffic
Meet on Tuesday 30-Jun-2015 at the Box Factory, 59 Regent Street South.
At 5.30pm start cycling the bikeway to Pirie Street.
Then along Pirie Street to the Town Hall, 128 King William Street.
Arrive in time for the Council Meeting that starts at 6.00pm.

Do you want this for the Frome Street Bikeway?
– Bike lane narrowed so no room to overtake cargo / box bikes with children and shopping.
– Concrete buffer removed so no protection from vehicles for cyclists, women and children.
– Replacement buffer of small flexible posts that do not stop vehicles.
– Out-of-control vehicles able to enter bike lane and hit cyclists.
A bikeway downgraded to a bike lane!

– Once again parents will question safety issues of riding with their children in the City.

Ride for the Frome Bikeway Tuesday 30-Jun-2015


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