On 16-Sep-2018 Kristina Barnett joined this Adelaide Cyclists online group BISA.
It might appear that her interest in cycling can peak in local govt election years.

At the latter link, Barnett writes of her 30 years service to local govt (Prospect Council member).
During those years, council has at times failed cyclists. An example of 5 bikedirect routes made ‘no entry’ to cyclists. My prolonged lobbying saw 4 remedied, but a bikedirect route remains ‘no entry’ to cyclists. In the 1990s while a draft plan for road changes, I asked that council cater for cyclists on the bikedirect route, but to no avail. A newspaper and magazine published a story and photo of the disjointed route. BISA and the Transport Minister relayed to me that council declined to find a solution.
If only bureaucracy got its act together, there would be no need for advocacy and I would have more time for cycling!

In 1993 and 2010 Barnett used my time and contacts for her election campaigns, with promises of supporting cycling but did not follow through.

I have a genuine long-term interest in cycling, infrastructure and groups (BISA member for 20 years).

Heather of Prospect

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Kristina joined BISA after attending  Prospect Council's "Bike Friendly' Forum  12 September 2018. as all attendees were encouraged to join. Very friendly approach! Unlike Kristina feeling harassed and bullied by Heather online, first on Prospect BUG, then on Adelaide Cyclists, now on BISA. Seems like a pattern of intimidation by Heather. Kristina has lobbied Prospect Council to reinstate its Bicycle Plan budget on various occasions, improve signage, install compliant racks, take on DPTI's grant for Braund Road bicycling changes and recently, revise Devonport Tce for bicycling issues etc. Kristina is only one vote on Council! 

Kristina Barnett wanted to remove bike lanes in the pending Main North Rd Masterplan. Reference: Prospect Council meetings and documents.
Then she remembered her ‘active membership’ with Prospect BUG. Reference: City of Prospect Magazine winter 2018.
She is not a cyclist.

 The statement as a fact by Heather that "Kristina Barnett wanted to remove bike lanes in the pending Main North Rd Masterplan. Reference: Prospect Council meetings and documents."  is completely out of context of the discussions and untrue. Heather does not know that I don't cycle:  "She is not a cyclist." I will seek legal advice if Heather persists in spreading  what may be defamatory statements about me. 

The discussions have only ever been in the context of Prospect Council exploring options and with community consultations on the strategic planning for Main North Road as a 'green boulevard 'and checking with Bike SA and other cycling stakeholders if there was another viable safer option for cyclists using Main North Road, especially if bicycle lanes could be separated from the main road.

That is what I was interested in (along with others) . I (along with others) was interested in exploring some alternatives with DPTI ( controls Main North Road):

Council Report 2012 2016 - Main North Road Master Plan
Main North Road Strategic Plan:

Investigate bike route connections with adjoining councils and whether there is a need to maintain on street bike riding provisions along Main North Road

Community Design Brief
6.Consider the best way to accommodate cyclists along Main North Road.

Strengthen Wellbeing of the community
Provide infrastructure that supports safe cycling and pedestrian activity

In my opinion, I believe Heather has drawn an incorrect conclusion about what I support - I don't support the removal of bike lanes from Main North Road.  Don't spread any more lies about me.

I found it unfriendly and very hurtful for someone to erroneously suggest on a public forum that I am a liar and such emotionally-charged words when I, as an elector, question the frankness of campaign material.

When a person nominates for council, it is reasonable for a voter to be curious about a candidate’s background.

Kristina Barnett joined the AC webpage BISA in Sep-2018 and by Oct-2018 her election leaflet refers to BISA.

Heather of Prospect

P.S. I have asked Prospect Council for bicycle parking, rather than “compliant racks”. A regular cyclist might know current cycling terminology and refer to ‘bicycle/bike parking rail’. A ‘rack’ is attached to a bicycle and panniers added to carry items.

More info re cycling in Prospect:
— Bicycle Parking in Prospect adelaidecyclists.com/group/bugprospect/forum/topics/bicycle-parking-in-prospect
— Braund Bikeway in Prospect adelaidecyclists.com/group/bugprospect/forum/topics/braund-bikeway-...


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