Adelaide City Council can get developers to maintain the Frome Bikeway, but not its own staff

Notice that the Frome Bikeway is blocked from Carrington to Angas?  This is while ACC is doing footpath repairs.

Cyclists are told to dismount - along the road, I guess.  They haven't even cut the speed limit while this is happening.  

The Bikeway has been great for getting new cyclists in the City.  Half of the users are women, compared with less than a quarter elsewhere.  I wonder how the more timid cyclists feel about having to walk along the road?

This situation contrasts with further down the road, where a developer has had to keep the Bikeway open while work is underway.  

There’s something wrong when Council can get developers to keep the Bikeway open, but not its own depot. Maybe it should contract the work to someone it can control. 

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