Road Repair emailed me that he would stop reporting cycling hazards because of recent public criticism. Although my posts supported what he was doing. I also emailed Road Repair about a recent letter in Australian Cyclist asking for a national database for reporting and analysing cycling hazards. Today I noticed that Road Repair is no longer a member of groups Black Spot Eradication or Prospect BUG. Some of his previous discussions have been removed. In fact, he has deleted his AC membership. Cyclists need people like Road Repair to report cycling hazards.

To jog people's minds. "Road Repair, how does one decide what is a genuine risk? ... A young promising sportswoman, while cycling, hit a pothole on Brighton Road and she is now confined to a wheelchair. ... She and her family would probably say that repairing that pothole was urgent. This week I searched on ABC and google but did not find the story."
ABC has forwarded the link to the ABC News but not the Stateline story that aired in 2010.

Learnt that some AC members knew of the extreme outcome of hitting a pothole.
The exercise blitz was inspired by talented triathlete and mate of the group, Yvie Eglinton, who has been confined to a wheelchair since a cycling accident in early April. ... The group has joined forces with South Australian charity the Neil Sachse Foundation to raise funds to find a cure for spinal injury and purchase an exercise machine for the South Australian rehabilitation centre for spinal injury.

Cyclists need people like Road Repair to report cycling hazards.

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Road Repair did certainly pick up on numerous problems in the West Torrens area, most of which are still a problem. We have an ongoing problem where facilities are built but not maintained, both debris and vegetation gradually encroach on bike lanes/paths and then theres the dangerous faults that Road Repair locates for us. Its a thankless task, perhaps needs to be taken up by BUGS. Last time I had contact with West Torrens, the fellow in charge of parks and gardens talked about how stretched they were, at the moment Westside path is looking worse than ever.

Stephen, thanks for the support because I have also taken some flak from AC for reporting cycling hazards. I am a member of several online BUGs, including West Torrens, because I regularly cycle in several council areas. I posted on West Torrens BUG about drivers illegally parking in the 24-hour bicycle lane on Port Road near the postal box (and the brewery). Contacted SAPOL, West Torrens Council and Australia Post.

I started another discussion on the AC hub at about needing cyclist to report hazards. I was wondering if Road Repair would check this group first. A mixed response but some recognition that cycling hazards need reporting.


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