My friend James has fallen on the new Linear Park Bridge west of Hackney Rd.  He's broken a thumb on one hand and the other wrist, as well as requiring stitches on his legs and a few other scrapes etc.  (Also his typing speed is much reduced).  Hence I thought I'd ask if other people have had any problems with the bridge.  James has been across this bridge in the dark and in the wet, but last week was crossing in fine conditions mid morning when he fell.  His wheel went out from under him after passing two pedestrians and he hit the bollard at the end.  The curved bridge is constructed as a metal grid with either asphalt or that rubber playground stuf filling the majority of it (apart from the very edges).  It was probably just a freak accident, but I thought it was worth checking if this has happened before.  Thanks.

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I had been using that bridge regularly until they blocked the bike path at the Hackney Rd bridge a few weeks ago and not had any problem even in the wet, but then I am pretty careful  there as it is a fairly tight run onto it and the surface does look like it could get slippery

Thanks David.  It's just occured to me that if this group only has 16 members, I'm probably not asking this question ("Is the zoo bridge slippery") of many people.  I don't know how many non group members would read the site.  Maybe I should post it elsewhere.  PS I've used the bridge a few times, but less now for the same path closure reason as you.


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