Gravel, pothole and step in bicycle lane on corner after cutting into footpath and road.

No photo so will explain. On Sunday 24-Oct-2010 I reported the following to
council. The hazard was made after the evening of Wednesday 20-Oct-2010, and would have been before Sunday 24-Oct-2010.

Prospect, Prospect, Alpha Road and Prospect Road with bicycle lanes. Cycling hazard of gravel. S corner. The compacted surface has been cut for some work, but not reinstated. On a corner. To left of road where cyclist may ride. Reported on 24-Oct-2010.

The footpath has been cut, and extended into the road. The loose gravel is on a corner, and in the bicycle lane. Disgusting that the authority did not 'make good' and left such a hazard. But also typical that some do not consider cyclist safety.

On Wednesday night / yesterday I came round the corner into the bicycle lane. One cannot see the hazard in the dark. My MTB with wider tyres can handle such hazards better than a light road bike with skinny tyres. Would have been awful if another rider came off their bike, and skidded across the road, under the wheels of a vehicle. Anyway, over the three days since I first noticed the hazard, it had become worse. Cars taking the corner tightly, and entering the bicycle lane, had made a hole in the gravel, until hitting something solid, resulting in a sudden  step up. This is more than 20mm and outside Austroads. I hit the step, lost control of my bike, my foot came off the pedal, and I took skin off my leg. Then, with my very bright helmet light pointed down, I saw the pothole and step.

On Thursday / today I phoned DTEI Road Hazards to ask which road authority was responsible. Prospect Council had done nothing. He said that off course the hazard would get worse. As a road authority, he predicted a pothole and step forming. The same day he sent a DTEI person to inspect the hazard, and confirmed that it was under the authority of the Prospect Council, because it started from someone cutting into the footpath. Not that Prospect Council bothered to do anything after I reported it, even though council staff are located nearby.

DTEI phoned Prospect Council and told them to do something, like determining who did it and telling them to fix it. That a person would be contacting them, meaning me. DTEI also said that it is usual to contact DTEI and ask permission before cutting into road surfaces. He thought the same would apply before cutting into footpaths and council roads. Does anyone know?

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Have posted three photos of the cycling hazard at Prospect BUG under 'Delays in fixing cycling hazards -- up to 16 months.'


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