Riding behind another rider down Payneham Rd. in Joslin.  Approaching the traffic lights at Lambert Rd. the lane disappears so I tucked in left directly in line behind the other rider (mistake here was that I had just reduced my forward vision to his back but didn't back off on the speed or compensate with more distance).  A car pulled out suddenly from Landower Rd. in front of 1st rider.  He pulled up in time.  I didn't.  Somehow went over onto the footpath onto my side/back relatively unhurt, front tyre popped from running into the other bike.


While i do accept some of the fault for this one I want this to be a vote against this section of road - it always makes me uncomfortable to ride through this bit as cars pass closely at full speed.


Also I want this to be a thank you to the rider that I hit as well as the second rider who arrived to check if I was OK for their roadside compassion.  It may be time to switch back to the hybrid and ride linear park for a while (at least until my pride returns)...

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