Below links to some (not all) Adelaide Cyclists discussions re Adelaide City cycling.

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Belatedly adding some links (but not necessarily all links). 

146. Excited for 4 lanes of traffic! ACC meeting tonight – posted by BJ on 7-Mar-2017 – Humorous message for those who prefer vehicles over bikeway –

147. Gawler Pl upgrade - have your say – posted by Heather on 24-May-2017 –

148. North Terrace Tram Extension - it's grim – posted by Ian Radbone on 20-Aug-2017 –

149. Collision at Sir Donald Bradman Dr and West Tce bike path – posted by Kim Commuter on 2-Jun-2017 – A hit-run on 2-Jun-2017 –

150. "Extreme risk" Frome St overhaul won't meet expectations – posted by Paul Jorgensen on 28-Jun-2017 –

151. Changes to Greenhill Rd clearway bike lane times from late Jun-2016 – posted by Simlin on 19-Apr-2016 –

152. Ride2Work and breakfast 18-Oct-2017 – Posted by Heather on 11-Oct-2017 -

153. Sharrow at roundabout – posted by Equal2Lance on 10-Oct-2017 –

154. Flinders and Franklin to be killed off? – posted on 10-Nov-2017 by Wayne B –

155. Bike lane termination at new Rundle St + East Tce intersection – posted by Dan on 25-Nov-2017 –

156. Suggestion of ACC congestion charge – posted by Wayne B on 28-Nov-2017 –

157. Be cautious of traffic changes in CBD – posted by Heather on 4-Jan-2018 --

158. Peacock Rd campervan parking -- posted by Equal2Lance2 on 4-Jul-2018 --

159. Frome Street Bikeway – posted by on Equal2Lance2 on 26-Jul-2018 –

160. Peacock Rd parking - finally (Mike Turtur Bikeway to King William St) – posted by Equal2Lance2 on 28-Sep-2018 –
Clearway / no parking between 7am and 10am, on the western side of Peacock Rd.

161. Rail crossings of Torrens Rail Junction Project still closed – posted by Peter Bolt on 7-Oct-2018 – War Memorial Dr to John E Brown Park / Park 27a is still closed. –

162. Western Park Lands path open again – posted by Equal2Lance2 on 19-Oct-2018 – between Glover Av and Port Rd in Adelaide –

163. Is it a bike lane? – posted by Equal2Lance2 on 30-Oct-2018 – Kintore Av, Adelaide. Permitted bicycle lane in SA since Sep-2014. –

164. Riding on North Terrace – posted by Ian Radbone on 26-Nov-2018 –

165. Hazardous blue RRPMs or cat eyes – posted by Heather on 1-Dec-2018 –
Recently in North Adelaide, RRPMs have been installed incorrectly close to the kerb, rather than near the road centre. I know of a cyclist who crashed on a bumpy RRPM and broke his arm.
If you see incorrectly installed blue RRPMs, please let me know the location and extra detail. I will compile a list to report to the authorities.


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