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1. 30-Oct-2009 & 4-Nov-2009. Cyclist safety compromised by old, new and pending fences. Vehicle safety barrier being installed on Victoria Bridge in Montefiore Road. But too close to bicycle lane, in apparent contravention of Austroads. Heather wrote to Minister Conlon, plus ACC and DTEI’s Office of Cycling & Walking. Pointed out that this is not the first time Austroads has been ignored. Examples are Albert Bridge in Frome Road and car parking for the National Wine Centre of Australia off Hackney Road. Received reply that the buffer zone for cyclist safety did not apply on Victoria Bridge.

2. New Bike boxes at corner Pulteney St / Rundle St – Posted on 10-Nov-2009 by Patrick Sunter –

3. Comments on trial "Copenhagen Lane" in Sturt St? – Posted on 18-Nov-2009 by Patrick Sunter –

4. On 14-Dec-2009 Gas Natural declined to take Heather’s report of cycling hazard caused by gas infrastructure, ie missing lid forming pothole at intersection of King William Street and Franklin Street, to left of road where cyclists may ride. On 21-Dec-2009 Heather sent letter to the Gas Ombudsman, who provided contact details of Envestra. Envestra said that Gas Natural should take such reports. Told hazard would be fixed in Jan-2010 but at Nov-2010 still not fixed.

5. On 2-Mar-2010 cyclist count organised by Bicycle Victoria in several states. SA included for the first time, that is around the perimeter of Adelaide. Heather made notes on the increased difficulty and hazard of crossing Fitzroy Terrace.

6. On 6-Apr-2010 Heather contacted ACC, asking for new bicycle parking near 180 O’Connell Street (Cafe Palazzo) and 181 O’Connell Street (Piccadilly Cinema). Heather thanked ACC for acting on her request to remark the shared path near the Adelaide Aquatic Centre. Some pedestrians need guidance on how to share a path.

7. On 8-Apr-2010 Heather wrote to DTEI’s Office of Cycling & Walking with request to improve safety for cyclists crossing Fitzroy Terrace. For example, paint ‘keep clear’ on the road where numerous vehicles illegally obstruct the bicycle passageways. Refer Australian Road Rules, section 198. Copy sent to BISA. DTEI did not respond. Ditto for when Heather wrote to Transport’s BikeSouth in 2003 with same request.

8. Bike path line markings (lack of) – Posted on 16-Apr-2010 by Sean Smith – – Includes shared paths in the North Adelaide parklands near the Adelaide Aquatic Centre – Includes muddled bicycle lane marking in Jeffcott Street near Pennington Terrace. Heather reported this to ACC some time ago and then again on 19-Apr-2010. By 17-Sep-2010 the lane had been remarked.

9. Victoria Square redevelopment - Bicycle Hub – Posted on 10-May-2010 by Andrew Dickson –

10. On 22-May-2010 ‘Ride of Silence’ in memory of cyclists who died as a result of road trauma. About 100 cyclists attended.

11. Transcript - Stephen Yarwood, BISA 2010 AGM BISA / Adelaide Cyclists Podcast Transcription, Stephen Yarwood - Guest Speaker, BISA's 2010 AGM –
22-May-2010 –

12. Sturt St bike lane a costly mistake: MP – Posted on 25-May-2010 by Shane Sody –

13. Following Heather’s discussions with ACC, two new groupings of bicycle parking rails installed at entertainment venues. Heather sent an email of thanks on 9-Jul-2010.

14. New 'Green' Bike lane – Posted on 13-Jul-2010 by Sue G – – Includes Morphett Street bicycle lane

15. On 19-Jul-2010 ACC responded to Heather’s email of 13-Jul-2010, saying that it will discuss with DTEI the request for colouring green the bicycle lane in Morphett Street, between Hindley Street and Adelaide TAFE. I have seen too many vehicles encroach into this bicycle lane when taking this corner.

16. Morphett Street bicycle lane discussion – 27-Aug-2010 – Heather surveyed long bicycle lane of Jeffcott Road - Jeffcott Street - Morphett Street, from Fitzroy Terrace to South Terrace, and recognised more issues. Also started a discussion on Adelaide Cyclists. Several cyclists contacted ACC re cycling safety issues and ACC agreed to investigate.

17. Bonython Park and North Terrace – Posted on 29-Aug-2010 by Sophia MacRae – – Sophia wants better cycling facilities on North Terrace

18. Adelaide PARK(ing) DAY is Sept 17 – Posted on 31-Aug-2010 by Angus Kingston –

19. Victoria Square Bicycle Hub - Your input please? – Posted on 31-Aug-2010 by Luke Hallam –

20. Morphett Street Bike Lane safety – Posted on 1-Sep-2010 by snappy don – – Includes muddled bicycle lane marking in Jeffcott Street near Pennington Terrace remarked – Includes Kintore Avenue - Victoria Drive intersection cycling hazard.

21. On 2-Sep-2010 Heather emailed ACC that roadworks in Rundle Street had left the southern bicycle lane with only 420mm of useable space, with the rest of it concrete sloping towards the gutter. On 3-Sep-2010 ACC replied that it would be checked.

22. Prospect Road….Never Again!!!! – Posted on 13-Sep-2010 by Sue G – – Includes difficult to cross Fitzroy Terrace.

23. Bicycle lane remedied in Jeffcott Street, North Adelaide – Posted on 19-Sep-2010 by heather – – Includes Kintore Avenue - Victoria intersection cycling hazard – Includes Morphett Street bicycle lane hazards.

24. New short shared path on North Terrace – Posted on 21-Sep-2010 by heather –
25. Safer cyclist crossing of ring route & Fitzroy Terrace – Posted on 25-Sep-2010 by heather –

26. Video 'The Morphett Street Bike Lane' – Posted in Sep-2010 by snappy don – htttp:// – Shows majority of vehicles cutting the SW corner of Whitmore Square into the bicycle lane.

27. East End "pins" – Posted on 6-Oct-2010 by rossmg –, – Repeated hazard in Rundle Street – Heather contacted ACC re this hazard

28. Cycling safer after ACC removes parking – Posted on 14-Oct-2010 by heather –

29. By 15-Oct-2010 Heather noticed that ACC had marked one of the two missing sections of the Morphett Street bicycle lane. This is in the NE quadrant of Whitmore Square, where cars turning left / east in to Wright Street, tended to dangerously cut cyclist off. ACC intends to make further improvements to this bicycle lane, after Heather encouraged AC cyclists to discuss the cycling hazards, and contact ACC. –

30. On 26-Oct-2010 Heather discussed with ACC some possible cycling facilities. Request for buffer zone with ‘candlestick’ posts between travel lane and bicycle lane on Victoria Bridge over Torrens Lake. Travel lanes near minimum width so even if narrowed, may not be enough space for a buffer. A slower advisory speed on Albert Bridge near the zoo will be considered. ACC will ask DTEI next week for permission to install yellow rubber separators between travel lane and bicycle lane in Whitmore Square and where Kintore Avenue meets Victoria Drive. These separators are still being trialled in Melbourne.

31. West Terrace Bike Path – Posted on 10-Nov-2010 by Leg –

32. U-Park Update from Adelaide City Council – Posted on 12-Nov-2010 by Sam Powrie –

33. Adelaide City Council Bicycle Action Plan Update for the Adelaide Cyclists Forum – Posted on 12-Nov-2010 by Sam Powrie – -- On 25-Sep-2010 Heather emailed ACC, asking if they would like a discussion forum on Adelaide Cyclists, to welcome ideas for ACC's next cycling strategy. On 27-Sep-2010 received a positive response that a promo would be prepared.

34. Heather reporting cycling hazards in ACC. Between Sep-2009 and 31-Dec-2009 reported 78 cycling hazards. Between 1-Jan-2010 and 12-Nov-2010 reported 152 cycling hazards, plus another 21 yet to be reported (2 to ACC waiting more detail + 19 to SA Water yet to write letter). ACC fixed most of its hazards promptly. Cannot say the same for Envestra (gas cover-lid) or SA Water (cover-lids and blue RRPMs / cat eyes).

35. Kintore Avenue - Victoria Drive intersection to be improved for cyclists – Posted on 13-Nov-2010 by heather –

36. Heather reporting cycling hazards in ACC. Between Sep-2009 and 31-Dec-2009 reported 78 cycling hazards. Between 1-Jan-2010 and 12-Nov-2010 reported 152 cycling hazards, plus another 21 yet to be reported (2 to ACC waiting more detail + 19 to SA Water yet to write letter). ACC fixed most of its hazards promptly. Cannot say the same for Envestra (gas cover-lid) or SA Water (cover-lids and blue RRPMs / cat eyes).

37. Kintore Avenue - Victoria Drive intersection to be improved for cyclists – Posted on 13-Nov-2010 by heather –

38. Another Adelaide cycling gem – Posted on 17-Nov-2010 by Dahondude – – Subject is great ACC cycling paths in parklands.

39. A couple of wins for cycling – Posted on 15-Apr-2011 by David Bowler – – Long term hazard from tree roots in Mann Street fixed.

40. Tell the Adelaide City Council your ideas for cycling in the city – Posted on 18-May-2011 by Jeremy Miller –

41. Victoria Park path closure! – Posted on 6-Jun-2011 by Sandy Lepore – A path in Victoria Park closed without pre-warning signs for cyclists. Will be closed for six months –

42. New project for Adelaide's future - 5000+ announced today – Posted on 7-Jun-2011 by Angus Kingston on 7-Jun-2011 – Get the community involved in planning inner Adelaide –

43. One less commuter cyclist in the CBD – Posted on 7-Jun-2011 by David Bowler on behalf of Nicky Page – Nicky giving up cycling in the city, in particular Pulteney Street which was her route –

44. Hit the road tonite – Posted on 23-Jun-2011 by Chris Hutchinson – Chris' handlebar tangled in orange safety mesh near works, and she fell onto the road –

45. Adelaide city bike lanes to go green – Posted on 6-Sep-2011 by Gus K –

46. Adelaide City Council Bicycle Action Plan – Posted on 8-Oct-2011 by Gus K –

47. Cyclist injured by wire across a path – Posted on 26-Oct-2011 by Stu Clement –

48. Five new bike routes in the city planned – Posted on 27-Oct-2011 by Paul –

49. Thanks Adelaide City Council – Posted on 7-Dec-2011 by snappy don –

50. Bike Art Adelaide – Posted for Jan-2012 by Gus K –

51. Tuesday 6-Mar-2012 Super Tuesday bicycle count 7-9am – Posted on 5-Mar-2012 by Heather –

52. Bike parking infrastructure – Posted on 13-Mar-2012 by Eugene Suleau – Do you think that when large events in the CBD, organisers should be required to provide temporary secure bicycle parking? –

53. Cargo bike picnic Adelaide April 22ns 2012 next weekend – Posted on 13-Apr-2012 by Jeremy Miller –

54. Lord Mayor loves cargo bikes – Posted on 22-Apr-2012 by Sophia MacRae –

55. Grenfell Street bus lane - but what about the bikes? Epilogue – Posted on 23-May-2012 by Tiny Avenger –

56. Long term plans for Grenfell St exclude cyclists – Posted on 28-May-2012 by Heather –

57. The “induced traffic effect” and the new Currie / Grenfell / East Tce bus lanes – Posted on 3-Jul-2012 by John Daley –

58. New bus lanes - have they caused traffic chaos? – Posted on 20-Jul-2012 by Paul Jorgensen –

59. Tweed ride - for the love of ... – Posted on 30-Jul-2012 by Brian Jenkins –

60. Going green – Posted on 31-Jul-2012 by Hedginator –

61. Beware southern parklands commuters – Posted on 8-Aug-2012 by Adam Willis –

62. Three flat tyres since that new green stuff went in on Greenhill Rd – Posted on 21-Aug-2012 by Ruddager –

63. Adelaide City Council - bicycle action plan – Posted on 7-Sep-2012 by Michael Murray –

64. Clipsal shared path closures 13-Nov-2011 to 12-May-2012 – Posted on 16-Oct-2012 by Heather –

65. Frome Street bicycle lane consultation – Posted on 22-Oct-2012 by Edward –

66. Bus layovers in bike lanes – Posted on 25-Oct-2012 by Jeremy Champion –

67. West Tce onto Sturt St – Posted on 28-Oct-2012 by rossmg –

68. Changes to Rundle Road – Posted on 31-Oct-2012 by Michael Murray –

69. New Anzac Highway West Terrace Bike Lanes – Posted on 31-Oct-2012 by Michael Roelink –

70. Bike pedestrian route across Victoria Park closing? – Posted on 13-Nov-2012 by Roger Gurr –

71. New layout of Rundle Street – Posted on 22-Nov-2012 by Paul Jorgensen –

72. Adelaide blackflips on lower speed and thus cyclist safety – Posted on 29-Nov-2012 by Heather –

73. SW City Pedal Power Splash-tacular – Posted on 9-Dec-2012 by Brian Jenkins –

74. Victoria Park criterium track to be extended, extended availability – Posted on 12-Dec-2012 by Gus K –

75. ACC - what the? – Posted on 20-Jan-2013 by Hoffman –

76. Frome St going to ACC tonight – Posted on 23-Jan-2013 by member Michael Murray –

77. Contra-flow bike lanes - Bank St, Leigh St, etc – Posted on 22-Feb-2013 by Not an Electronic Mouse –

78. Engrave bike to decrease theft 1-Mar-2013 – Posted on 28-Feb-2013 by Heather –

79. Adelaide City Council Smart Move Breakfast – Posted on 25-Mar-2013 by Michael Roelink –

80. Victoria Square traffic changes – Posted on 22-Apr-2013 by Michael Roelink –

81. Road markings Pulteney - St Flinders St – Posted on 17-Jun-2013 by Cityrider –

82. Wonder what review Adelaide will get after hosting velo-city next year? – Posted on 19-Jun-2013 by Kim Black –

83. Weird bike stencil thing in Hutt Street – Posted on 22-Jun-2013 by Edward –

84. City of Adelaide bike art trail – Posted on 25-Jun-2013 by City of Adelaide –

85. Adelaide bike hire up 50% – Posted on 26-Jun-2013 by Tim B –

86. Construction started at Peacock Rd & South Tce (Mike Turtur Bikeway) – Posted on 27-Jun-2013 by Colin Maher –

87. Free bike schemes here and overseas – Posted on 27-Jun-2013 by Mark Parnell MLC –

88. Bicycle crossing installation West Terrace / Franklin Street – Posted on 4-Jul-2013 by City of Adelaide –

89. Frome Street Bikeway - Detailed design feedback opportunity – Posted on 9-Jul-2013 by City of Adelaide –


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