Cycling supporters needed!

The group BISA asked me to contact Adelaide BUG members.
Please show your support for an east-west bikeway, by attending an ACC meeting this Tuesday.
Before Tuesday, please send messages to Councillors politely expressing your support for the bikeway.

Event: City of Adelaide Council Meeting
Topic: Council to discuss a possible east-west bikeway, possibly Flinders-Franklin
Date: Tuesday 26-Feb-2019. Meeting starts at 6pm.
Venue: Adelaide Town Hall, 128 King William St, Adelaide

The ACC file Agenda for 26-Feb-2019 includes
15. Motions on Notice
15.4 Councillor Donovan – Motion on Notice – East-West Bikeway [Page 51]
That Council Administration:
1. Provide a workshop briefing to Councillors by 31-Mar-2019 which contains:
1.1. A summary of the Bikeways project to date
1.2. An overview of Bikeways as part of Council’s Integrated Transport Strategy
1.3. Opportunities to discuss options for the dedicated East-West bikeway, and
1.4. A proposed consultation strategy for businesses, residents, and visitors to the city
2. Commence the consultation on delivery of the East-West bikeway in Apr-2019.

You can find the pertinent ACC documents. Hint to select search words ‘All Council, Agendas, 2019’.

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Please email council to politely express your support of an east-west bikeway.

I found on the ACC website a list of councillors’ names, but not the councillors’ email addresses.
Convert the names to email addresses, by using the below formats and removing the blank spaces.
LordMayor @
InitialOfFirstName . LastName @

City council to consider fast-tracking bikeway start date
By Stephanie Richards
Published by InDaily on 25-Feb-2019

Do you recall when the Government of South Australia brought world road safety expert Prof Fred Wegman to Adelaide?
“Bringing world leading thinkers to Adelaide to assist with the strategic development of South Australia.”
By 2012 Prof Wegman recommended separated bikeways – see reference below.

Driving down the road toll by building a Safe System
By Prof Fred Wegman, Adelaide Thinker in Residence 2011–2012
[The link was shortened so search ‘au Fred Wegman driving down the road toll’.]
Pages 10, 57, 58
3.11 Cyclists
3.11.1 Create a second generation cycle network that links isolated cycling infrastructure installed over the past decade.
3.11.2 Establish a demonstration project to create two major routes across the CBD for cyclists for north-south and east-west movements based on ‘Vancouver’ style cycling lanes.
3.11.3 Create a cycling demonstration project – access to public transport and shops based on the potential to use bicycles for short trips (less than 7 km).
3.11 Cyclists
Promote cycling by providing safe cycling infrastructure.
3.11.2 Demonstration project – Vancouver style cycling lanes
Establish a demonstration project based on Vancouver, Canada, where space has been taken away from motor vehicles to create two major routes crossing the CBD for cyclists. Allocate road space for cyclists in a north-south and east-west direction, segregating the cyclist route from motor vehicle traffic and creating appropriate traffic management schemes at intersections.

For anyone coming along tonight here are the details - see you  at the Franklin at 6, or in the meeting.

City Council will consider the EAST WEST BIKEWAY this Tuesday. That means we need your help.

What’s the story?? In 2016 Council and State Gov committed to building our first bikeways due for completion by 2019…/joint-funding-commitmen…

However, the east-west separated bikeway project has been on hold since September 2017 because a group of businesses on the proposed route threatened Council before the project went to consultation, concerned about parking. This makes it difficult for Councillors.

After waiting a year and a half the new Council will now consider a motion to progress with the promised bikeways. At this stage we have no idea how council sits but the motion seems very sensible - get on with consultation.

BISA advocates for riders in every way we can but we can't do it alone. To help Council make positive transport change we need positive voices.


1. EMAIL Councillors with a quick message of support for bikeways in ACC.,,,,,,,,,,,

2. MEET: At the Franklin Hotel at 6pm this Tuesday, 26 Feb, for a drink and quick dinner if you like. We will then ride over to Town Hall for 7pm. If you would like to head straight to the Council meeting it starts at 6pm but you can enter any time.

3. SHARE with other riders and encourage them to get involved.


So it seems like we will have to keep waiting on the East-West bikeway (boo), but may receive instead a separated bikeway along the new City South tramline (yay?)?

Daniel, my paraphrasing the two-page article.

Cr Helen Donovan put forward a motion that included commencing the consultation on delivery of the east-west bikeway in Apr-2019.

She reminded council that the City of Melbourne is aiming toward 25% of their vehicles being cyclists over the next four years, and that the City of Brisbane has injected $100m over four years for cycling, thus leaving the City of Adelaide far behind.

In Jul-2016 the State Government contributed $6m towards the construction of the east-west and north-south bikeways. Funding is sitting idle while construction costs surely rise.

Cr Phill Martin and Cr Robert Simms spoke in support of Cr Helen Donovan’s motion.

Cr Alexander Hyde moved an amendment that scrapped the Apr-2019 consultation start date, in effect blocking progress on the east-west bikeway.

Cr Hyde criticised former Lord Mayor Stephen Yarwood over the north-south bikeway. [Yarwood is a qualified town planner and supported Active Transport in the CBD.]

All six ‘Team Adelaide’ representatives on council – including Houssam Abiad, Franz Knoll, Simon Hou, Mary Couros, Arman Abrahimzadeh and Alexander Hyde – rose to carry Hyde’s amendment.

Thank you for summarising that! What an up and down week - it seems like more money could be on the table?

I guess some news is better than no news!

Bikeways Network on ACC Agenda Tuesday 2-Apr-2019
Would you like to attend the council meeting?
Would you like to email elected members your support for a Bikeways Network?


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