Traffic experts float new Britannia roundabout overhaul
Published by InDaily on 25-Jun-2018
High number of casualty crashes, even after major road changes in 2013

Britannia roundabout upgrade 2013
Posted by DPTI in 2013

Adelaide City Council Agenda and Reports for meeting 26-Jun-2018 [pp. 81–86]
(Download the 18MB file of agenda and read this report for more info.)
Item 12.5 City Ring Route Review
Three major cycling routes with concerns:

  • Fitzroy Tce / Braund Rd. No lights to assist crossing six lanes where more than 47,000 vehicles per day.
  • Greenhill Rd / King William Rd / Peacock Rd. No connection between shared paths of King William Rd and Peacock Rd, except for the busy roadway.
  • Port Rd / James Congdon Dr. When crossing between northern and southern shared paths, cyclists faced with three sets of traffic signals.

Data maps that pertain to the city ring route:

The final City Ring Route report will be used for the Smart Move Interim Action Plan 2016–2018

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I'm currently residing in Canberra and finding cycling here so nice. But like Adelaide, as soon as the Civic (CBD) area is reached, there are so many interruptions and shared zones that make cycling more difficult. Generally though people in cars seem more aware of cyclists in these areas.


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