Adelaide BUG is for anyone who cycles in the Adelaide City Council (ACC) areas of Adelaide and North Adelaide.

Adelaide BUG has existed for many years. Originally there were face-to-face monthly meetings, but this lapsed due to arranging a meeting venue and time that suited members, and a coordinator.

In Nov-2010 I relaunched Adelaide BUG via Adelaide Cyclists forum, so now eight years on the web. Currently there are 354 members.

Some of the BUG endeavours are listed below (in five short posts).

An invitation to non-members to join the BUG and get involved. Perhaps report hazards and initiate pertinent new projects.

Heather, Coordinator of Adelaide BUG

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Adelaide BUG regularly:

— Welcomes new members to Adelaide Cyclists forum with link to Adelaide BUG.

— Produces a monthly newsletter, currently issue 105. Distributes the newsletter to its members, several cycling organisations, and selected people in local and state government.

— Reports cycling hazards and similar to the pertinent authorities. One earlier campaign for improved safety in Morphett St resulted in ACC colouring green some sections of bicycle lanes on corners. In Nov-2018 BUG asked for further improvements in Morphett St.

Written submissions to ACC include:

— 40 km/h Trial Consultation in Adelaide

— Bicycle Action Plan

— Business Plan and Budget

— Frome St Bikeway

— Future Adelaide Strategic Plan

— Gawler Place Plan

Attended City forums and provided input, e.g.:

— The multi-session Integrated Movement Strategy Review (IMS) organised by ACC

— Other forums organised by ACC

— Forum organised by Mark Parnell MLC

— Forum organised by Rachel Sanderson MP, Member for Adelaide

Attended conferences:

— Asia-Pacific Cycle Congress in Brisbane QLD

— Australian Cycling Conference in Adelaide SA

— Velo-city Global Adelaide 2014 and several associated events in Adelaide SA

— World Cycling Research Forum in Brisbane QLD

Advocacy on SA cycling issues, e.g.:

— Communicated and met with Adelaide Airport Ltd to improve Adelaide Airport bicycle facilities

— Asked Standards Australia if possible to modify AS 1428.2-1992, 27.3 Drinking fountains and water coolers, so that all new fountains enable refilling of water bottles

— Attended DPTI’s forum SA Road Safety Strategy 2020 - Towards Zero, and made verbal and written submissions

— Attended presentations of international road safety expert Prof Fred Wegman, 'Driving Down the Road Toll: Building a safer system', and publicly asked cycling safety questions

— Submission to DPTI re the inner ring route that skirts the City of Adelaide, i.e. upgrade of Fitzroy Tce and Park Tce

— Submission to National Transport Commission on its review of the Australian Road Rules and Vehicle Standards Rules

— Submission to SA Govt on its review of Compulsory Third Party scheme

— Wrote to ANCAP asking if its car safety rating system could be made easier to find info on pedestrian (and cyclist) safety


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