I will add to this topic as temporary closure info becomes available.

The ACC emails me files re pending events on the City’s public lands and roads.
Some will affect cycling when road or path closures, many pedestrians on shared paths, or many extra motor vehicles.
At times cycling routes are impeded before or after an event, while temporary infrastructure is installed or dismantled.
Regularly there are major events in the City in February and March.

If you know of major events or infrastructure works near your cycling route, a hint to check even familiar routes via DPTI’s Cycle Instead planner.
Theoretically this planner will indicate current detours. maps.sa.gov.au//cycleinstead

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Announced that on Tuesday 26-Feb-2019 the shared paths through the eastern parklands will be closed for a motor race.
When bicycle transport is most needed!
There will be road closures and increased traffic congestion from motor vehicles.

Botanic Park bike lane closed due to WOMADelaide
Paul cyclist blogged on 22-Feb-2019
(an extract)
The shared path along Plane Tree Dr, between Adelaide Zoo and Hackney Rd, is temporarily closed.
Botanic Park is used for other major events though out the year while keeping the shared path open.
Why is this event different?

On Saturday night (23-Feb-2019) I was chauffeured by a non-cyclist. On the way home, we drove past several cafes which were closed. It is difficult to find a coffee between 11pm and midnight in Adelaide.
So I suggested Rundle St, but traffic congestion nearby in Pulteney St and Frome St. Many cars, road closures and lane closures. If you are going to the area within the next few days, cycle instead.

As suggested by DPTI.

Pending events on public land that might affect cycling while parks, shared paths or roads closed.
Events scheduled Mar-2019 to May-2019.


The Mother’s Day Classic on Sunday 24-May-2018.
A walk / run to raise money for the National Breast Cancer Foundation.
Between 5am and 1pm, expect in the City some closed roads and many pedestrians on shared paths along the River Torrens and in Botanic Park.
More info at www.mothersdayclassic.com.au/events/event-map/adelaide

Pending events on public land that might affect cycling while parks, shared paths or roads closed.
Events scheduled Apr-2019 to Jun-2019.



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