I will add to this topic as temporary closure info becomes available.

The ACC emails me files re pending events on the City’s public lands and roads.
Some will affect cycling when road or path closures, many pedestrians on shared paths, or many extra motor vehicles.
At times cycling routes are impeded before or after an event, while temporary infrastructure is installed or dismantled.
Regularly there are major events in the City in February and March.

Traffic Restrictions in Adelaide CBD, for example during roadworks.
Posted and updated by Adelaide City Council (ACC).

If you know of major events or infrastructure works near your cycling route, a hint to check even familiar routes via DPTI’s Cycle Instead planner.
Theoretically this planner will indicate current detours. maps.sa.gov.au//cycleinstead

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To be fair large cycling events like TDU cause significant temporary road closures.

ACC asks me to distribute news of shared path closures.
TDU closures can be less than 24-hr and distributed around Adl.
That motor race causes chaos for commuters nearing the CBD -- motorists for a week or two, and cyclists even longer as the parklands are taken over.

Adelaide is hosting the Australia Masters Games 2015.
Shared paths in the parklands are the venues for two events:
-- Friday 9-Oct-2015 7pm start. Elder Park paths, King William Street footpath, Riverbank Bridge
-- Saturday 10-Oct-2015 8am start. Bonython Park, Torrens Linear Park, Elder Park paths
Expect many people in the vicinity.
Marshals might ask members of the public to hold for short periods while competitors are passing.

There are West Terrace detours for cyclists during the shared path upgrade. Expected dates 9-Feb-2016 to mid Mar-2016.

Also see AC discussion for extra info. http://www.adelaidecyclists.com/forum/topics/west-terrace-bikeway-s...


Torrens Linear Park detours during O’Bahn upgrade from 30-Mar-2016 to late 2016

. . . What provision will be made for pedestrians, cyclists, people using mobility aids, children and the elderly to cross Hackney Road?
It is acknowledged that pedestrians and cyclists are amongst the most vulnerable group of road users. It is essential to provide facilities that are well designed and appropriate to the particular situation and user group to enhance pedestrian safety.
The project proposes to retain the three kerbed pedestrian refuges in a similar form to the existing facilities, to be located within the vicinity of their current locations.
The project team will continue to develop the current design with the City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters, Town of Walkerville and Adelaide City Council through the subsequent detailed design and construction stages of the project. In particular, consideration shall be given to ensure reasonable integration and compatibility with Councils’ walking and cycling strategies.
In addition, the project team are continuing to investigate the possibility of a pedestrian overpass across Hackney Road, which is currently unfunded.
What will happen to the cycle lane on the eastern side of Hackney Road? If it is removed how will cyclists from the north travelling south access the cycle way on the western side?
Will cyclists still be able to travel along the eastern side of Hackney Road?
There will be some modifications and improvements to the connectivity of the cycle lane along the service road on the eastern side of Hackney Road which are being finalised in consultation with the City of Norwood, Payneham & St Peters. Whilst vehicles will not be able to travel through continuously along the whole length of the service road, cyclists will be able to.
Advance notice and detour signage will be provided throughout this area during construction works.
. . . How will the Linear Park paths underneath the Hackney Bridge be affected during the construction period?
The Linear Park paths underneath the Hackney Bridge will be closed from 30-Mar-2016 until late 2016, for construction of a new shared use pedestrian/cycling bridge across the River Torrens and for the Hackney bridge widening.
Alternative walking and cycling routes have been developed. Signage will be located at strategic locations along the shared paths to advise users of detours. The map provides detour details.
Visit the Cycle Instead Journey Planner to plan your cycling and walking journey. . . .


Info forwarded to Adelaide BUG.
An open air cinema on the Riverbank Lawn 6pm to 11pm Friday 21-Nov-2018 to Sunday 16-Dec-2018. Expect equipment set-up and removal outside those dates. If cycling in the area, look out for pedestrians and any obstructions near the shared path.

I deleted most posts dated 17-Nov-2014 to 2-Oct-2018 of past closures.

Pending events on public land that might affect cycling while parks, shared paths or roads closed.
Events scheduled Nov-2018 to Jan-2019.


Pending events on public land that might affect cycling while parks, shared paths or roads closed.
Events scheduled Dec-2018 to Feb-2019.


Due to the Adelaide Festival, there will be access changes to the River Torrens Linear Park in Elder Park.

4-Feb-2019 to 27-Feb-2019 during fence construction, the path along the riverbank will be open to pedestrians but closed to cyclists. There will be detour signs.

Saturday 2-Mar-2019 noon to midnight during a free concert, the path will be closed.

Saturday 2-Mar-2019 3pm to midnight a 25 km/h speed limit on King William Rd, between North Tce and Victoria Dr.

Pending events on public land that might affect cycling while parks, shared paths or roads closed.
Events scheduled Feb-2019 to Apr-2019.


Today I noticed that part of a shared path in the eastern parklands has been closed with a temporary platform. Seems like preparing for another car race.
If you are riding in these parklands at night, especially with minimum required bike lighting, be on the look-out for orange mesh fencing (without any reflectors).
Safety guidelines require reflectors in some circumstances. Do you know the rules for this situation?


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