"We have wasted ratepayers' money": council hits re-set on cycling
By Bension Siebert
Published by InDaily on 14-Sep-2016
The city council will seek to reset the Adelaide cycling debate with a Town Hall summit as it laments having “wasted ratepayers’ money” on repeated cycling infrastructure “failures”. . . .
But the council has already settled on the principle that, whatever the new design, Frome Street will accommodate two peak-hour driving lanes in both directions, and a thinner, separated bike lane – meaning the current concrete barriers separating cyclists along the southern end of Frome Street will have to be ripped up. . . .

ACC 2016 Adelaide Bikeways Summit -– Posted by member Heather on 14-Sep-2016 --
ACC has invited some people to its 2016 Adelaide Bikeways Summit re cycling infrastructure and interconnected bike networks. Date in Oct-2016.
Do you have any points for Adelaide BUG to consider and perhaps raise during the discussion?

See comments on AC hub at http://www.adelaidecyclists.com/forum/topics/acc-on-cycling

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Car culture, helmet laws threaten Adelaide bike-share scheme
By Bension Siebert
Published by InDaily on 8-Sep-2016
Adelaide is far from ready for a large-scale bike-share scheme because of its cultural resistance to cycling, “immature” bikeways network and mandatory helmet laws, an expert report has found. . . .


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