the Workshop is now  set up, with tools, spares,  4 bikes for people to work on, and tea/coffee making facilities. On Saturday a dozen people showed up  -  we changed a sprocket wheel, fixed broken spokes, shortened a chain, and did most of that with parts salvaged from other bikes. 

Address is 34 Long Street, Plympton -  at the community centre, kind of opposite Plympton Primary School. Go round the back of the hall. We have a room at the back of the hall. Currently unmarked, so just come in, wander through to the back, you'll find us. We hope to have door signs and "directions signs" soon.


A few requests - can you help with these?:


 To get things under way we need some keen people, to open up shop, and be present for a session. That way the workshop starts opening regularly, and people know,  they can just go there and do things.

If you are interested in helping get things going - taking on a time slot  -  post here -  or email Jeremy Miller. No mechanical knowledge required!

Time slots the Council allows us, are


Mon 3:30 pm onwards

Tue 3:30 pm onwards

Thu, 3:30 pm onwards

Friday - all day

Saturday - 9-12 and 4 pm onwards

Sunday, before 2 pm.



-workshop needs clean rags for cleaning bike parts, wiping oil - any donations of old textile appreciated, specially cotton. 

Also needs old book shelves (free standing), cupboard with shelves (ditto),  to house parts and tools. Old plastic crates also useful.

-workshop hours:


I'm hoping to be there on Saturday mornings regularly starting about 13 August.


Mike Brisco.



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Great work Mike and Jeremy. It's so exciting.

I will be there next Saturday morning so come and say hi.

Hi all,


I'm very excited to find this exists, because the cost of buying cassette tools, etc was a bit daunting. I would love to come past and work on a few things with some "classic" (read old) bikes I have, but don't have the tools. Specifically I would love it if you guys had a suntour 2 prong freewheel removal tool.


Also, more than happy to work on bikes for 'bikes for refugees' and much more.


Is Saturday morning still happening regularly? Are there any other times you are available as well?


Hope to see you Saturday!



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