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I'm just new to the group and am keen to join in on ride sometime. Also I'm riding a pretty unloved vintage SA made Protour with an old dyno on it now making horrific screeches after rainy commutes any suggestions on fixing this? I've tried things like WD-40 with little success could it just need replacement parts? I'll try add a photo as it's not like many i've seen. 

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The hub may need new bearings and cones (a PITA to do).  Also, if the hub is post 1970ish (year stamped on hub), it may be rusty inside.  DO NOT SEPARATE THE MAGNET AND THE ARMATURE when dismantling.  The engineering on the earlier ones is far superior, and they don't let in the water.  for either build type, reassembly is simplified by making lock-washers with internal flats to match the flats on the axle to go between the cones and the locknuts.

Gary at Elizabeth Star may have some cones and seals, but best to take the old ones for matching.  Loose balls are better than pre-raced ones. 

1976 magnet/armature on left, 1960 set on right.

Pictures of the axle sets.  First, the 1976, then the 1960. Inside of the 1976 shell.  Note the rust.  The 1960 shell was virtually rust free, but the phone-photo I took was too blurred to use.  (All photos October 2013.)

Edit: the first-pictured axle set was the 1960.  The pressed-in retainer and the balls for the 1976 hub can be seen in the picture of the rusty shell.

The 1976 hub was purchased NOS in about 1985 (36-hole), because I couldn't get a 32-hole rim for my 1968 hub (same build-type as the 1960 hub).


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