Lunchtime ride today. It's hard rubbish week in my area, and this caught my attention. Riding carrying it was interesting! I have Di2 (which has VERY light action), and everytime the frame would swing in my hand it would bump the left brake leaver, shifting to the big ring.

I couldn't carry the wheels though - can anyone guess if they would be 700C or 27"? Suntour SR components, Shimano cantilever brakes, 531 frame.

I'm guessing early 90's?

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if you want to sell it I would be interested. If you do please pm me.



Well rescued Nick

I think a galaxy (531 main tubes) or super galaxy (all 531). either way a great alternative to a Surley LHT or the like.

Hope it goes to a good home


David - I might be interested. Can you friend me so I can message you? I'm travelling atm and don't seem to be able to friend you.

I'm guessing late 70 - early 80s and its no touring frame, that would not do it justice. 531 does not deserve touring!

Very nice find... 

I think, from the decal, that the frame is made of 531ST (Super Tourist), like my Kotzur. They even make touring frames out of 853!

Hi Nick. Is it possible to see a picture of the white decal on the down tube? Also, I may have a front wheel for you, from an old galaxy that has long since been discarded.

I'm on holidays at the moment, sorry. I'll take a pic when I get home.

From memory it was a bike shop.

An update. I've decided to turn this into a bike for riding places I'd rather not take my carbon frame - dirt tracks and the like. 

I'm putting 8 speed Shimano MTB gears on it, and Campag Veloce Brifters (apparently the 10 speed Campag shifters have the same spacing as 8 speed Shimano).

I had it powder coated (British Racing Green of course!) and I've ordered replacement decals.

Progress. Mostly together, with just the annoying tasks (like getting those *$### cantilever brakes to even pretend to do anything).

Hi Nick, if you want I have a set of Miche dual pivot brakes that suit the wheel drop from a 27" frame to 700c wheels, you can have em for nix, will work better than canti's with those levers

I might take you up on that, thanks!

Ironically it was the canti brakes that made me notice the frame in the first place. I'll have a bit more of a play with them before I give up on them. 

I think if I lower the bridge some it should improve the pull ratio some, which will help. They are a bitch to adjust though. 

Picks jaw up from ground...thats stunning!

What wheels are they?


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