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My Name is Luke Giles and I'm standing for election in the upcoming Adelaide City Area Councillor supplementary election.

I have commuted by bicycle for many years, often cycle recreationally, and if elected would be a strong advocate for improving Adelaide's cycling infrastructure.

One of the reasons I decided to run in the election, was the situation just a few months ago when it looked like the council was ready to rip-up the Frome St bikeway despite an independent report recommending just minor changes!

Thankfully it seems the council has seen the light, and hopefully with some state government funding will actually expand the bikeway into the proper north-south corridor it should be. If elected I would also advocate for creation a safe east-west corridor through the city, and would generally stick up for cyclists who live in the city and those who bike-commute, to, and through it.

I have some more information on my background and policies on www.lukegiles.com and on social media(twitter,fbInstagram) @LukeGilesADL, but would love to hear what the cyclists on this forum think of the Adelaide council, and are looking for in a candidate.



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