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A comprehensive list of Cycling Links from around the world.

The list is maintained by the Gawler Wheelers Social Cycling Group
located in Gawler (South Australia).


➨ Adelaide Weather

➨ Gawler
➨ Salisbury

➨ Cycling - South Australia
➨ Cycling Sportives - South Australia

➨ Cycling - Ning Networks

➨ Route Maps
➨ Hill Climbing

➨ Cycling News
➨ Cycle Racing Analysis
➨ Cycling Forums
➨ Cycling Reviews
➨ Cycling Info
➨ Cycling History
➨ Cycling Humour/Satire

➨ Cycling Online Magazines (Road)
➨ Cycling Books
➨ Cycling Comics

➨ Cycling Video
➨ Cycling Tweets
➨ Cycling Blogs
➨ Cycling Photos
➨ Cycling Podcasts

➨ Cycling Safety
➨ Cycling/Bicycle Recalls
➨ Cycling Identification
➨ Cycling Insurance
➨ Cycling Charities/Fundraising/Awareness

➨ Bike Fit

➨ Bike Maintenance
➨ Bicycle Tuition/Courses/Apprenticeships

➨ Track Cycling
➨ Fixed Gear Cycling
➨ Indoor Cycling

➨ Bunch Riding

➨ Bike-sharing

➨ Cycling Conferences
➨ Bike Shows/Expos

➨ Local Bike Shops
➨ Cycling Classifieds
➨ Comparison Shopping

➨ Waxing/Shaving
➨ Bike Carriers
➨ General Cycling
➨ Miscellaneous

➨ UCI Cycling Teams (Road)
➨ Cycling Governance

➨ Doping

➨ UCI ProTeams Rider - Jack Bobridge (South Australia)
➨ UCI ProTeams Rider - Rohan Dennis (South Australia)
➨ UCI ProTeams Rider - Damien Howson (South Australia)

➨ Bike Frame Materials
➨ Carbon Fibre Info
➨ Build Your Own Carbon Fibre Bike

➨ Cycling/Bicycle Apps
➨ App Search Engines
➨ Web Technology

Adelaide Weather

Adelaide Weather Forecast ☼

Adelaide Weather Radar ☂

Recent Satellite Images ☁

Adelaide UV Index Forecast ↯

Adelaide UV Levels (Live) ↯

Adelaide UV Alert ☢

Adelaide Weather Observations ℃

Adelaide Moon Phases ☾

Moon Phases ☾


Gawler Wheelers

Cafe Farina - Facebook

Gawler Park Homemaker Centre - Map,138.737232&num=1&t=m&z=17

Gawler Park Homemaker Centre - Facebook

Gawler Open Air Markets

Town of Gawler

Gawler - Wikipedia,_South_Australia

Gawler Gold

The Bunyip Newspaper

The Bunyip Newspaper - Facebook

Gawler BMX Club

Gawler Cinema

The Starplex

The Starplex - Facebook

Plus Fitness

Plus Fitness - Facebook

Anytime Fitness

Anytime Fitness - Facebook

So Fit Gawler

So Fit Gawler - Facebook


F!T F!X - Facebook

Curves Gawler

Curves Gawler - Facebook

Dowden Personal Fitness Studio

Gawler Train - Timetable

Gawler Bus 491 - Timetable

Gawler Bus 492 - Timetable

Gawler Bus 493 - Timetable

Gawler Bus 494 - Timetable

Google News ('Gawler')

News Limited ('Gawler')

Twitter ('Gawler')

@gawlergold - Twitter

@aroundgawler - Twitter

@bunyipnewspaper - Twitter

Around Gawler - Facebook


Cycle Salisbury

Cycle Salisbury - Social Rides PDF Icon

Cycling - South Australia

Bicycle SA

Bicycle SA - Free Rides Program

Cycling SA

SA Cycling

Bicycle Institute of SA

South Australian Cycling Clubs

South Australian Recreational Cycling Club

SA Government - Cycling Site,+travel+and+motoring/Cycling

Adelaide Community Bicycle Workshop

Cycling in SA PDF Icon

Cycling & The Law SA PDF Icon,%20travel%20and%20motoring/Cycling/Cycling%20and%20the%20Law%20Booklet__web_.pdf

A Guide for New and Rusty Riders PDF Icon,%20travel%20and%20motoring/Cycling/New%20and%20rusty%20riders.pdf

Transport SA - TravelSmart and Ride Instead PDF Icon

Cycling Sportives - South Australia

Ride Like Crazy (Jan)

Bupa Challenge Tour - TDU (Jan)

Coast to Coast (Mar)

Amy's Ride (Nov)

Gear Up Girl (Nov)

Grand Slam Challenge (Feb, Apr, May, Aug, Oct)

Audax Australia

Ride2Work Australia

Cycling - Ning Networks

Adelaide Cyclists

Brisbane Cyclist

Melbourne Cyclist

Sydney Cyclist

Route Maps

Bike Route Maps

Ride With GPS



Garmin Connect



Bike Trails, Paths & Routes


RailTrails Australia

South Australian Cycle Trails

Bikedirect Bicycle Maps

Cycle Instead Bicycle Journey Planner

Bike Journal

Garmin Connect - Garmin-Cervélo Team

Hill Climbing


Climb By Bike

Weight Weenies

Cycling News

Cycling News


PezCycling News

Daily Peloton

Road Cycling

Cycling Quotes

Cycling Fans

Bike Biz

Podium Cafe

Podium Insight

Road Cycling UK

Bike World News


Velocity Nation


Bicycling News Asia

Bicycle Retailer

Google News ('cycling')

Topix ('cycling')

News Limited ('cycling')

Google News ('bicycle')

News Limited ('bicycle')

Eurosport (Cycling)

BBC (Cycling)

The Guardian (Cycling)

The Telegraph (Cycling)

USA Today (Cycling)

SBS (Cycling)

Cycle Racing Analysis

Euro Peloton


Neil Browne

Queen Stage

TDF Blog

The Inner Ring

Red Kite Prayer

Belgium Knee Warmers

The Science of Sport

Pro Cycling Stats

Cycling Forums

Australian Cycling Forums (AUS)

Bikes Move Us Forums (AUS)

Road Grime Forums (AUS)

Cycling Forums - Australia and New Zealand (AUS/NZ)

Viking Cycling Forums (AUS)

ROTOBURN Cycling Forums (MTB) (AUS)

Cycling News Forums

Cycling Forums

Bike Forums

Two Spoke Forums

Bicycling Magazine Forums

Just Cycling Forums

Cycle Chat Forums

VeloReviews Forums

Bike Journal Forums

Cycling Reviews

Bike Radar

Bike Rumor

Bike Reviews

Bike Cycling Reviews

Road Bike Review


Cycling Review

Cycling Tips

Competitive Cyclist Reviews

Bike Sport Michigan Reviews

Commute by Bike

Cycling Info

Cycling Info

Sheldon Brown

Bicycle Design

Bicycle Frame - Wikipedia

Bicycle Tyres Explained

Where Was My Bike Made

List of Road Bike Manufacturers

List of Bicycle Brands and Manufacturing Companies - Wikipedia

Sheldon Brown - Cycling Glossary

Glossary of Bicycling - Wikipedia

Glossary of Biking Terms and Slang

Cycling Lingo - A List of Common Terminology

BikeRaceInfo's Cycling Glossary

Bicycle Glossary

Cycling Glossary

Cycling History

History of the Bicycle - Wikipedia

Cycling Hall of Fame

Bicycle History Timeline

Cycling Revealed

Myths and Milestones in Bicycle Evolution

The Racing Bicycle

Classic Rendezvous


Bike History by Manufacturer (MTB)

Classic Lightweights UK

Vintage Bicycling Sites

International Cycling History Conference

International Cycling History Conference - Proceedings

Australasian Cycling History

Cycling History Collection (Photos)

Lonely lands : Through the heart of Australia (1909) - (Book)

Australia's Bicycle History (archive)

Canberra Bicycle Museum (archive)

Cycling Humour/Satire

Twisted Spoke


BicycleSource Humour

Sheldon Brown's Bicycle Humour

Cycling Online Magazines (Road)

Ride Cycling Review Magazine

Bicycling Australia Magazine

Australian Cyclist Magazine

Ride On Magazine (Vic)

Push On Magazine (NSW)

The Wheeler Magazine

Treadlie Magazine

BikeSA Magazines

Bicycling Magazine


Cycling Weekly Magazine

Road Bike Action Magazine

ROAD Magazine

Bicycle Times Magazine

Bicycle Paper Magazine

Procycling Magazine

VeloVision Magazine

Pedal Magazine

Bicycle Quarterly Press

Cycling Books

Amazon - Books ('cycling')

Amazon - Books ('bicycle')

Google Play - Books ('cycling')

Google Play - Books ('bicycle')

BA Gear - Cycling Books

Cycling Book Centre

Velopress (Publisher)

Van der Plas Publications (Publisher)

Cycling Comics


Yehuda Moon & the Kickstand Cyclery

Sprocket Man

Cartoon Stock (Cycling)

Cycling Comics Gallery

Cycling Video Video Icon

Crank My Chain TV

Quickrelease TV

Cycling TV

Steephill TV

Mash TV

Cyclingnews - Videos

Cyclingnews - Video Highlights

Cycling Fans



Oz Cycling

TourChats Weekly

Eurosport (Cycling)

Universal Sports (Cycling)

NBC Sports (Cycling)

SBS (Cycling Central - Videos)

SBS (Cycling Central - Live Stream)

List of Cycling Films - Wikipedia

Amazon - DVD/Video ('cycling')

Amazon - DVD/Video ('bicycle')

BA Gear - Cycling DVD

Cycling Tweets Twitter Icon

Galactic Headquarters (Cycling Tweets)

WeFollow ('cycling')

WeFollow ('bicycle')

Cycling Blogs Blog Icon

Top 50 Bike Blogs 2011

Top 50 Cycling Blogs

Top 50 Most Influential Cycling Bloggers

Cycling Blogs List

Blogs in Plain English (Video)

Cycling Photos Photos Icon

Graham Watson

Cyclingnews Photos

Cycling Forums Photos

superflat Photos

Scott Mitchell_Photographer

Balint Hamvas Cyclocross Photographer

SBS (Cycling Central - Gallery)

Online Photo Sharing in Plain English (Video)

Cycling Safety

Amy Gillett Foundation

Cycling Safe

3 Feet Please


Roads 2 Survival

Motor Accident Commission (MAC) - Cyclists

Road Statistics - South Australia

Bike Blackspot Campaign

South Australia's Bike Blackspots

Bike Blackspot App (iDevice)

Bike Alive

Ron D Swan - Cycle Brightly

Bike Crash Kit App (iDevice)

Kaire Law Bike Crash Kit (iDevice)

Bike Crash Kit (Android)

Cycling/Bicycle Recalls

Product Safety Recalls Australia ('cycling')

Product Safety Recalls Australia ('bicycle')

Product Safety Australia ('cycling')

Product Safety Australia ('bicycle')

Choice - The People’s Watchdog ('bicycle')

Standards Australia ('cycling')

Standards Australia ('bicycle')

USA Recalls Search Engine

Unsafe Products - Product safety in the EU ('cycling')

Unsafe Products - Product safety in the EU ('bicycle')

Cycling Identification


Emergency ID Australia

OutdoorID Australia




In Case of Emergency (ICE) - Wikipedia

In Case of Emergency (ICE) - Telstra

In Case of Emergency (ICE) - Ice Your Phone

In Case of Emergency (ICE) - Cycling-Inform

In Case of Emergency (ICE) - iPhone PDF Icon

Cycling Insurance




BikeSA Insurance

Bike Fit

Competitive Cyclist Fit Calculator

Lennard Zinn's Fit Calculator

Wrench Science Fit Calculator

Steven Hogg Bike Fitting

Fit Werx

The Fit Kit

Bike Fitting Tools

Guru Dynamic Fit Unit - DFU

Next-fit Fit Bike

Road Positioning Chart

Bike Maintenance

Park Tool Repair Help and Education

Park Tool (YouTube)

Bike Tutor

Bicycle Repair and Maintenance

Sheldon Brown - Bicycle Repair

Jim Langley Repair Articles

Bicycle Maintenance and Repair (WikiBooks)

Bicycle Tuition/Courses/Apprenticeships

Cycle Systems Academy


Bike On

Cycling Education

Bike Start (SA)

Activ Cycle Coaching

Ride a Bike Right

WEA - Basic Bicycle Maintenance (SA) PDF Icon

Bicycle Mechanic/Technician - Career Info

Bicycle Training Australia

Australian Apprenticeships - Trainee Bicycle Mechanic

Certificate III in Bicycles PDF Icon

Courses Directory ('bicycle')

Compare Courses ('bicycle')

Track Cycling

Adelaide Super-Drome - ORS Facilities

Adelaide Super-Drome - Friday Night Novice Track

Adelaide Super-Drome - Members Training

Adelaide Super-Drome - Calendar

Adelaide Super-Drome - Location,138.612237&num=1&t=m&z=15

Adelaide Super-Drome - Photo 1

Adelaide Super-Drome - Photo 2

Adelaide Super-Drome - Photo 3

Adelaide Super-Drome - Photo 4

Adelaide Super-Drome - Video (YouTube)

Track Cycling - Wikipedia

Track Cycling Events Explained

Track Cycling - Events Guide

Track Cycling 101

Track Cycling - Glossary

Track Cycling - Wheels/Tyres

Velodrome - Wikipedia

What is a Velodrome

List of Velodromes - Wikipedia

List of Cycling Tracks and Velodromes - Wikipedia

Ron Webb Cycle Tracks

Flying 200m Time Trial (Gawler Wheelers)

Men's Track Records (Cycling Australia)

Women's Track Records (Cycling Australia)

World Records in Track Cycling - Wikipedia

Australian Records in Track Cycling - Wikipedia

Fixed Gear Cycling

Fixed Gear - Wikipedia

Sheldon Brown - Fixed Gear

Fixed Gear 101

Fixed Gear Republic

Fixed Gear Gallery

Fixiestudio Brakeless Love

Fixed Gear Fever


London Fixed Gear and Single Speed Forums



Fixed Australia

Fixie Australia

Adelaide Cyclists - Adelaide Fixed & SS Group

Classic Fixie

Mojo Bike

Indoor Cycling


Les Mills RPM

Indoor Cycling Instructor (ICI/PRO)

Indoor Cycling Resources (The Sufferfest)

Indoor Cycling - Wikipedia

Body Bike

Bike Torture Chamber (The Sufferfest)

Trihardist - Cycling Workouts


Why Not Thrive - Spincast, Podcast & Videocast

Music for Cycling

Indoor Cycling Music


Bunch Riding

Tour de Cure Bunch Riding Etiquette PDF Icon

Bunch Skills for Cyclist PDF Icon

2013 SCC Bunch Etiquette Booklet PDF Icon

WA Cycling Bunch Riding PDF Icon

Cobwebs Group Ride Guide PDF Icon

Group Dynamics PDF Icon

PALS Group Ride Guidelines PDF Icon

Rolling Through

Department of Group Rides

Bunch Ride Finder

Cycling Promotion Fund - People to Ride With

BikeExchange - Find a Bike Club


The Bike-sharing World Map

The Bike-sharing Blog

MetroBike, LLC

Adelaide City Bikes

Brisbane CityCycle

Melbourne Bike Share

Nextbike New Zealand

Cycling Conferences

Australian Cycling Conference

Asia-Pacific Cycle Congress

Bike Futures Annual Conference

Tracks & Trails National Conference

Adelaide Velo-city Global 2014

Bike Shows/Expos

Ausbike Australia - Bike Expo (VIC)

The Bike & Lifestyle Show (QLD/NSW)

Bike Europe (Calendar)

Local Bike Shops

Star Cycles (Elizabeth West)

Avantiplus (Salisbury Plain)

Gawler Cycles (Evanston)

Cycling Classifieds

Bike Exchange

Bicycling Australia Classifieds

Sell Your Bike

eBay ('cycling')

Comparison Shopping

Frugal Rouleur



5 Real Reasons Why You Should Shave Your Legs

How To Shave Your Legs

The Man's Guide to Leg Shaving

Tips on Shaving

Leg Shaving - Wikipedia

Waxing - Wikipedia

Depilation - Wikipedia

Beauty On Calton - Facebook

Beauty On Calton - Yellow Pages

Bike Carriers



Rola Roof Racks




Stanfred Bicycle Carriers

MAC-RAC Bicycle Carriers

aXs-arm Bicycle Carriers

iSi Bicycle Carriers

Rak Aerodynamic Roof Racks

Mont Blanc

Allen Sports

Bike Rack Shops

iSi 4x4 Bicycle Carrier

Bike Rack Blog | Bike Racks for Cars

Bike Rack Blog

Roof Rack City (SA)

Roof Rack World (SA)

RackReminder App (iDevice)

Bikesavr App (iDevice)

Car Top Alert App (Android)

General Cycling

Bicycles Network Australia

Cycling Promotion Fund

Australian Bicycle Council

Cycling Resource Centre

Retail Cycle Traders Australia

Bicycle Industries Australia Ltd.

AustCycle - Cycle Proficiency Training

Wheels of Justice

PedBikeTrans - Pedestrian and Bicycle Institute of Australasia

Australian Bicycling Achievement Awards

TravelSmart Australia (archive)


The National Public Toilet Map

Importing Goods by Post (Australian Customs)

Buying Over the Internet (Australian Customs)

Clearing Goods through Customs (Australian Customs)

Public Holidays - South Australia

Public Holidays - South Australia PDF Icon

UCI Cycling Teams (Road)

Riders and Teams Database

List of UCI ProTeams - Wikipedia

List of UCI Pro Continental and Continental Teams - Wikipedia

List of UCI Women's Teams - Wikipedia

List of International Cycling Race Websites

GreenEDGE Cycling

Cycling Governance

Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI)

UCI World Tour

Union Européenne de Cyclisme

Cycling Australia

Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS)

International Olympic Committee (IOC)

World Olympian Association (WOA)

Cyclistes Professionnels Associ?s (CPA)

Association International des Groupes Cyclistes Professionels (AIGCP) - Facebook

Association International des Groupes Cyclistes Professionels (AIGCP) - Wikipedia

Association International des Groupes Cyclistes Professionels - News (AIGCP)


World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA)

Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority (ASADA)

United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA)

Check Your Substances (ASADA)

Bike Pure

Change Cycling Now

Movement For a Credible Cycling (MPCC) (French Language)

Cycling Doping Cases (French Language)

Cycling Doping Cases (German Language)

List of Doping Cases in Cycling - Wikipedia

List of Doping Cyclists - Wikipedia

List of Pro Cyclists Who Died During a Race - Wikipedia

UCI ProTeams Rider - Jack Bobridge (South Australia)

Jack Bobridge - Belkin Pro Cycling (2013)

Jack Bobridge - Cycling Australia

Jack Bobridge - Pro Cycling Stats

Jack Bobridge - Cycling News

Jack Bobridge - Wikipedia

Jack Bobridge - Web Site

Jack Bobridge - Facebook

@jackbobridge - Twitter

YouTube ('Jack Bobridge')

Bing Videos ('Jack Bobridge')

Google Video ('Jack Bobridge')

Dailymotion ('Jack Bobridge')

Google News ('Jack Bobridge')

News Limited ('Jack Bobridge')

UCI ProTeams Rider - Rohan Dennis (South Australia)

Rohan Dennis - Garmin-Sharp (2013)

Rohan Dennis - Cycling Australia

Rohan Dennis - Pro Cycling Stats

Rohan Dennis - Cycling News

Rohan Dennis - Wikipedia

Rohan Dennis - Facebook

Rohan Dennis - Facebook Fan Page

@RohanDennis - Twitter

YouTube ('Rohan Dennis')

Bing Videos ('Rohan Dennis')

Google Video ('Rohan Dennis')

Dailymotion ('Rohan Dennis')

Google News ('Rohan Dennis')

News Limited ('Rohan Dennis')

UCI ProTeams Rider - Damien Howson (South Australia)

Damien Howson - Orica GreenEdge (2013)

Damien Howson - Cycling Australia

Damien Howson - Pro Cycling Stats

Damien Howson - Cycling News

Damien Howson - Wikipedia

Damien Howson - Facebook

@damien_howson - Twitter

YouTube ('Damien Howson')

Bing Videos ('Damien Howson')

Google Video ('Damien Howson')

Dailymotion ('Damien Howson')

Google News ('Damien Howson')

News Limited ('Damien Howson')

Bike Frame Materials

Understanding Bike Frame Materials (Tech)

Understanding Bike Frame Materials

How Butted Aluminium Alloy is Produced

Double vs Triple Butted Tubing

Frame Materials

Steel and Aluminium Bicycle Frames

Bicycle Frame Materials - Steel, Aluminium, Ti or Carbon ?

Bicycle Frame Technology

Bicycle Frame Materials

Metallurgy for Cyclists - The Basics

Metallurgy for Cyclists - Steel is Real

Metallurgy for Cyclists - Aluminium

Metallurgy for Cyclists - Titanium

Metallurgy for Cyclists - Carbon Fibre

Metallurgy for Cyclists - Exotic

Metallurgy for Cyclists - Mystery Material

Reynolds Cycle Technology

Reynolds Cycle Technology - Wikipedia

Reynolds Composites

Columbus Tubing

Tubeset Specification for Columbus Tubing (From Circa 1989)

Carbon Fibre Info

Carbon Fibre - Wikipedia

Carbon-Fibre-Reinforced Polymer - Wikipedia

Carbon Nanotube - Wikipedia

Carbon Fibre (F1 Dictionary)

What is Carbon Fibre (Toho Tenax)

What is Carbon Fibre (Carbon Frame Repair)

How Carbon Fibre is Made (Made How)

Grades of Carbon Fibre

Carbon Fibre Technology for Bicycle Frame Manufacture

Carbon Fibre (Felt Bicycles)

Carbon Fibre Frame Manufacturing Techniques - Part 1

Carbon Fibre Frame Manufacturing Techniques - Part 2

Carbon Fibre - Part 1 (Bicycling Australia)

Carbon Fibre - Part 2 (Bicycling Australia)

Carbon Fibre (Mountain Biking Australia) PDF Icon

Aluminium Frame Build Incorporates Carbon Fibre Tubes

How It's Made - Carbon Fibre Bicycles (Video)

Cyfac Carbon - Custom Carbon Fibre Frames (Video)

The Full Creation of a Colnago EPS Frame (Video)

Felt Carbon Fibre Manufacturing (Video)

Carbon Fibre Manufacturing Process (Video)

BMW's Carbon Fibre Manufacturing Process (Video)

Carbon Bike Repair

Carbon Cycle Repairs

Carbon Frame Repair

Young's Modulus - Wikipedia's_modulus

Young's Modulus (Wikid)'s_modulus

Young's Modulus (Deskarati)

Young's Modulus for Common Materials

High Modulus Carbon Fibres in Super-Structural Compounds

The Japanese Carbon Fibre Manufacturers Association (JCMA)

Build Your Own Carbon Fibre Bike

How I Made a Carbon Fibre Bike in My Garage - Article (Damon Rinard)

How I Made a Carbon Fibre Bike in My Garage - Images (Damon Rinard)

Homemade Carbon Fibre Bike Project

BME Design

Carbon C-Thru Road Frame

German DIY Carbon Fibre Bike

How I Built a Carbon Bike Frame at Home (and a Bamboo Frame too)

Carbon Fibre Bike

Home Made Carbon Fibre Bike

The Making of a Guru Carbon Fibre Bicycle

Building the Dufour Tri-Bike

Cycling/Bicycle Apps

Google Play - Android Apps ('cycling')

Google Play - Android Apps ('bicycle')

uQuery ('cycling')

uQuery ('bicycle')

Quixey ('cycling')

Quixey ('bicycle')

AppExplorer ('cycling')

AppExplorer ('bicycle')

Xyo - iDevice ('cycling')

Xyo - iDevice ('bicycle')

Xyo - Android ('cycling')

Xyo - Android ('bicycle')

App Search Engines Google Play Icon Apple App Store Icon

Google Play

iPhone Application List







Apps Explained (Video)

Web Technology (recommended for this web site)

Google Chrome

Apple Safari

Adobe Flash Player

Adobe Flash Player - Certified Devices

Google Chrome Web Store - 'RSS'

World Wide Web in Plain English (Video)

Web Browsers Explained (Video)

Web Search Strategies in Plain English (Video)

Wikipedia Explained (Video)

Gawler Wheelers Contact Info

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