I like the idea of the Mawson Trail ride from Adelaide to Blinman. Should be good. And I trust the ride leader, Denis has arranged good weather and tail winds. :)

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re rides program... I don't see an Easter event in the current program. is this b/c there isn't one? or am I looking in the wrong place ..?


There is no Easter ride in the Rides Program.  The reason for this is that people traditionaly are otherwise booked so we never get one off the ground.

We are going to Wirrabarra Forest.




I have corrected the link on the rides program page to direct to Adelaide cyclists.  Have a look. (http://www.adelaidetouringcyclists.org/rides.htm)

Cheers Michael

PS Juat back from riding and sitting in Canberra.

There were good bits and bad bits on the Blinman-Adelaide ride. Here is a great view near Wilpena Pound.

But after Hawker, the mud stop our wheels turning so we had to take to the bitumen.


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