please rsvp here!

hope to see you there.

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Not sure whether they'd be merino David. As much as I'd like too, the sizing, cost and lack of flexibility in the design would be tricky to sell to people and I do want to appeal to steel riders of all varieties. I'd like to Baums, Kenevans, vintage Bianchi's or maybe even a 1948 Hetchins one day. Pretty hard to make a jersey to suit all these 'breeds' of bike.The Eleven Velo are nice but $130 would seem to be a bit of a stretch for a group ride jersey.

I'm looking into a few options and at the moment the cost is likely to be $80-90 for a lycra style material which I know to be good quality kit. I'll post a few designs and see what people think.

If anyone has any other input, happy to hear it!


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