I've just come back from a fantastic weekend at Falls Creek.

Whilst I didn't participate in the Falls Creek Peaks Challenge this year, I did get a few decent mountain climbs in over the weekend, both sides of falls creek, but one on each day.

I captured the "Back of Falls Creek" descent on video - have a look at this link to the vimeo video here


Apologies for the quality - I had to downscale it to fit onto the vimeo free account.

After the Sunday Peaks challenge ride - our group has renamed WTF from "What the  F@#k", to "Walk the F#$ker" . The video doesn't quite capture how steep it is, but it gives yo a feeling for what the return journey would be like.

If any of you are thinking about doing it, or even going with mates next year - Just do It - it is a magical place to ride and a great weekend away with the mates.



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It's a killer climb, think it was 31c and humid coming up it last weekend

Think ill pass on going down. Been up twice and recon it'd suck-diddily-uck going down!


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