I saw a bus driver—of a portly size—eating something looking like a egg and bacon sandwich whilst at the lights waiting to urn. Yeah, there were no people on the bus yet, but that's a pretty big vehicle to chance that kind of driving.

Last year I saw a mini-bus going through the city, full of teenaged kids, a guy at the wheel was eating a bowl of cereal with spoon ... whilst driving on Morphett St in traffic, past Adelaide oval.

Really starting to think about buying a gopro..just for my commutes ;)  

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would happily die from bacon related substances

Coroners report: "cause of death - hit by egg and bacon sandwich"

Apart from needlessly aggressive driving, I once had a lady feeding her unrestrained dog on the front seat pull out in front of me. I gave her a slow clap and she turned from embarrassed to defensive.

The guy who rides along the MTB with front and rear cameras (presumably to catch other road users breaking the law) filming himself riding through the red lights on Goodwood Rd?

It was a year ago, but it still gives me shivers.

The guy riding his bike in the Unley Road bike lane... Against the traffic... Peak Hour... With a toddler on the rear carrier seat. 

On Sunday I saw a guy run out into the middle of the southern expressway, in front of a car (that had to change lanes to go around him) to get a lost tie down strap that must have flown out of his trailer!

Obviously I wasn't riding a bicycle at the time.

Saw the aftermath of a cyclist hitting a car that turned across his path in North Adelaide today.

He left one hell of dent in the side of the car.

That was me.

The car left a hell of a gash in my leg.

I was extremely lucky to only suffer cuts and grazes. If he had pulled any further forward I may have been through the drivers window, with all sorts of upper body injuries.

Here's a pic from my riderless bike with me sailing over the bonnet


Far out! I hope you're OK (tomorrow).

Ouch! Hope you're okay!

Can't imagine what the driver was thinking/doing, when there doesn't look like there is any space for the car to pull out.


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