I hope your all watching it , all 260km of it ..
Go Gerrans !! stram it here now:http://www.sbs.com.au/cyclingcentral/video/2227598449/uci-road-worl...
I think it's going to be on SBS 2 @ 11 pm too

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Some fool in the crowd just wacked  Cav in the head with a wooden sign while he was leading the peliton .

Cav has retired from the race after doing a big 100km pull for GB. I thought being the WC he might have at least finished.

yeh interesting ride by him ? I'm guessing he knew he'd be no good at that distance at such a high average speed ,therefore planned to ride like he did .

Don't think it was anything to do with the distance (Cav has won MSR @ 300km+), more likely the 10 ascents of the Cauberg.  It was always going to be a course more suited to Wiggins or Froome than Cav.


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