So I've decided to bite the bullet and buy one.

a. because I'm sick of scratching parts with own makeshift stand

b. there's a sale on Torpedo7

So has anyone any experience using them, specifically for a 6-10kg road bike. I see most, bar the Park stand, are 6kg. Wanted for maintenance and cleaning duties. Something sturdy and robust would be ideal, so any practical real world experience with them would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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I've had the Union stand for 5 or 6 years & use it for everything from washing my road & cx bikes to maintenance & bike building. It,s been great for me. I just use some silicon lube  on the slides occasionally.

I got a cheapy and my only advice would be to make sure the one you pick is cable of holding a bike while clamping the down tube or seat post. I made the mistake of clamping the top tube and the bike swings/twists a little in the clamp which eventually scratches the frame.

The stands that clamp your front fork and have a spot to rest the bottom bracket avoid the risks of frame damage altogether

Yup thats the sort I was thinking of. You have to remove the front wheel (so cannot adjust front brakes when bike is on the stand) but does prevent damage to the frame caused by traditional clamping stands

Buy a good one! I bought a cheap one with plastic fittings over round metal tubes and the screws stripped their threads. One day I was washing the bike when the plastic clamp fitting came away from the horizontal tube and the bike fell. With no rear wheel fitted, the rear stay landed hard on one of the three wide legs damaging the paint badly and in need of an expert eye to asses it.

There are two main types—clamped on the top tube ones and the ones where you remove the front wheel and mount the forks into a sort of quick release and the bottom bracket rests on the platform. They swivel too. I think more pros use these.

I've bodgied mine up with some big bolts now and I'm careful, but a good stand it a wise investment.

Previously I had one of the Park Tools ones that clamped the top tube or the seat tube. Not great with carbon, so I moved across to the type mentioned above. It's true that you have to remove one wheel, but that can be the back one. So it is possible to adjust the front brakes when the bike is on the stand. Also has the ability to swing the bike around, making it much easier to work on either side. Highly recommended.

Refer to comments by others as this is my first stand and is only about 9 months old. Anyone who has had a bad experience with this please chime in.

Holds my roadie, an old steely and MTB no problems at all. Very stable due to wide base of support. Has a magnetic plate for holding fiddly little parts and tools that normally run away and fall off. Haven't noticed any top tube scratches yet, but the clamp rubber is still in very good nick. (Head rotates 360 degrees so I guess it can clamp on down tube or seat post). Just checked the holding mechanism attachments (thanks Gus) and all good so far. I use it for bike washing, cleaning, basic maintenance and occasional part replacement. A friend has had one for a couple of years or so and uses his a lot more than I use mine and he is still happy.

It was only $70 when I got it and that rang alarm bells, but so far so good...

How much seat tube does it need to clamp onto ?  I can see all the other measurements on the site but not that one. 


Clamping surface is 85mm long.

Less than the 100 on my setup. Excellent. Thanks.

OK it's just turned up.  $99 with free shipping. No assembly required.  Seems great. Takes my old commuter and the road bike easily. Nice to have height adjustment which my old stand didn't.  No more leaning over to work!  My back thanks you :-)


i have this one:

works well enough, and have no real complaints about it.  I've been using it for maintenance and cleaning purposes.  

As I have a carbon bike, i always clamp via the seat post, which isn't ideal as far as having the bike balanced in the stand, but it's workable, especially if you have the wheels off the bike.  

with all that said though, more that likely some time in the future i'll be looking to pick up a new workstand that doesn't require clamping

At $80 for that stand, I don't think you can go too wrong!

I've been after a good workstand for a while. I wanted one that would clamp the bottom bracket and allow to fix the front or back wheel as wheel.
I looked at the Park Tool one but is a bit pricey over here, although a lot cheaper from Chain Reaction it was going to cost around $100 to ship, so no real saving.
A bit of searching on the net I saw this from BBB;
I got in touch with a stockist - Bike Society Brighton, they had to order it in but it arrived in 2 days.
Very happy with it as you can take the front and back wheel off and secure the bike with the skewers. It also allows you to rotate the bike so you don't have to keep walking around it and it's very sturdy.
If you have a carbon frame these are certainly the best ones to get.


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