First off, I'm amazed the system still remembers me... and I'm sure those who remember me have varied reactions to such recognition.

Anyways, I'm now based in the north western end on the metro area. Let's, for the sake of argument, assume that I can start my ride at the Woodville railway station. If I start following the railway lines towards the city, where am I going to come adrift?

I normally turn off before Rosetta St (going to a different part of the city) but tomorrow will want to go right into the city. I'm glad the new South Rd overpass is open, but how does it match in with riding along the railway lines from, say, before Rosetta St to the city?

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If you're starting at Woodville station, you can take the Outer Harbour Greenway pretty much all the way through (if that's what you're asking).

Day Tce between Rosetta St and Croydon station is currently being re-surfaced, so there's a detour around the Rosetta St overpass. Just follow the detour signs and you'll eventually find yourself at Elizabeth (Queen) St where Red Door bakery is, and from there you'll be able to re-join Day Tce and the South Rd overpass.

Thanks Eugene. That pretty much covers what I wanted to know. As it happens, I've now got an impressive dose of the flu so it won't be happening this weekend dammit.

You will also have to detour around the old gas works at Brompton to rejoin the path that then takes you under Park Tce and into the Park Lands


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