Where In The World Is My Bike?
A few of these minor brain teasers popping up on sydneycyclists of late .
Here is a local one ;-) I was actually photographing the local flora (eek!) in the first instance.

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That'll be the aqueduct support at the eastern end of the Torrens Linear Park trail.

Jilden, can you be more specific. The whole trail runs Henley/West Beach to Athelstone.

"the Eastern end" as you put it, is a long way.... King Williams splitting the trail 15km each way East & West.

We lived on Margaret St when in Adelaide, the Torrens Linear Park trail was our favourite and just 5min to get there.

I think Jilden means pretty much where the trail runs out as it enters Gorge Rd and heads into the hills.

Quite right, the "end" meaning exactly that, not "half" or "section" or anything so vague... :-)

I don't remember there being a wall like that. I rode up Gorge Rd quite frequently, maybe I didn't pay enough attention.

No mistake - Jilden's on the mark:


Scroll down a bit for a nice snap:

Hah, that's the one!

It's a square stone pillar that supports the riveted and wrought iron aqueduct from the weir to the side of the hill. While it is clearly visible at the end of the linear trail, it isn't visible very well from the road. I had a good view of the pillar last Sunday as I took my bike across the Torrens Trickle after taking the above photo on Stone Hut Rd. There was once a car park and picnic area right next to the aqueduct but it was frequently vandalised and is now being landscaped. Hopefully one day someone in power will organise some funds to build the bridge to cross the river so the trail is finally complete.

The weir, iron aqueduct and open channel were built long ago to direct Torrens water to the Hope Valley reservoir. About a decade ago the open channel was superseded by a buried pipe under the park. The trail was a mess for many months.

Yes that's the spot. From Ross' picture above, my bike was leaning on the left hand side of the column closest. Bloody nice spot there. Think I'll have to do that ride again very soon

Doesn't ring a bell to me. When coming from the city, the trail splits, the right fork goes up onto Gorge Rd. I never followed the left fork because my tires wouldnt cope with the gravel... Is that up there?
Ross, having another look at that link you provided I'm answering my own question I think. On the 1st picture I can clearly see the split I mean, to the right from the *6 on the picture, the grey path leads right onto Gorge Rd, the green dotted line is the left fork I was talking about. Never went up there.

Maybe I'll do that next time I'm in ADL, thinking of coming down in December & I'm not cycle-fit enough to continue up Gorge so might as well take a look up the other side.

OK one that's not quite so obvious...


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