Where In The World Is My Bike?
A few of these minor brain teasers popping up on sydneycyclists of late .
Here is a local one ;-) I was actually photographing the local flora (eek!) in the first instance.

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So many bakeries (sigh). 

In the Stone Hut vicinity?


I don't have anything that gives me the name of the track.  Is it searchable?

I found a PDF of this trail online that includes a visit to the Stone Hut bakery.

Laura-Stone Hut Cycle Track.  The Mawson Trail and this trail coincide for a short section.

Along Wurst Road?  (There is a (cadastral) road intersection, with the named "Wurst Road" taking a right angle bend.)

(Sadly, the Stone Hut Bakery was closed last time we were in the area, on our way to Quorn with one of my sons and his children.  Is it open again?)

Correct David. I didn't visit the bakery myself but locals assured me that it was open for business again. For a period of time the Laura bakery employed some of Stone Hut's staff to keep the skills alive and local.

Wurst Rd was the northernmost point of my ride that day as there was a howling head wind all the way from Gladstone. Some of the trip back was memorably fast. Bonus points for using the map to work out my exact location (hint: the trail marker is at a right angle in the track).


OK a new one from today:

Oaklands underpass?


Lucky / educated guess on my part. The pressure is on me now to come up with a photo. Give me a few days!

OK, here we go. Probably far too easy for some of you, but why should they all be hard?

I'm guessing that's on the western side of the Woodlands Park railway station.


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