Where In The World Is My Bike?
A few of these minor brain teasers popping up on sydneycyclists of late .
Here is a local one ;-) I was actually photographing the local flora (eek!) in the first instance.

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It is on the north side of the river and the camera is pointing roughly south.

I can only keep guessing so my best bet will be to designate Ross to ride down there and check out all the bridges ;-)

Ridley Bikes is running a WITWIMB competition to promote their Fenix model for the Belgian cobblestone classics. Every week they're posting a Ridley Fenix on route of that week's classic.


I can see my lunch spot on Google Street View...

By "The Duck Pond" near the corner of Mahogany Ave and Reids Rd in Dernancourt?

I was done guessing, so I telepathically told Ross that location and he went to check it out for me.... ;-)

It's always a very busy corner, lots of birds, stray dogs, stray old people

Thank-you Wayne - your plan worked to perfection!


Leabrook Drive?


I've been looking out for this spot for a long time, to no avail.  Is it somewhere along your previously posted commute route?

umm, you might say - it's about 50 metres from where I live!

Since it is so close to your home, I won't name the street, but it is near the intersection of Penfold Rd and The Parade.

(Nice new bitumen!)


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