Where In The World Is My Bike?
A few of these minor brain teasers popping up on sydneycyclists of late .
Here is a local one ;-) I was actually photographing the local flora (eek!) in the first instance.

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In a different local council area from Port Broughton.
Jilden, would appreciate more info on the Port Broughton 30 km/h zones. Duplication in Adelaide Metro residential streets would improve road safety.
My photo was taken outside of the Adelaide Greater Capital area, according to ABS criteria.

30km/h signs on the foreshore street near the caravan park, thinking about the children not cyclists.

Jilden, thanks. Whatever prompted lower speed limits, safer for all road users.


Adl to Moonta is 170 km.
See earlier response below of distance from Adl, considering earlier guesses of Port Broughton and Wasleys. Also that distance is less than a TDU challenge ride.


We had a little holiday at Marion Bay the other day and drove into Innes Nat. Park - lovely place and lots of 40K signs etc due to tight roads and lots of wild life.

It is not in the same local council as Wasleys.

Adl to Port Broughton is 160 km.
Adl to Walseys is 40 km.
The location distance is in-between.

Who knows, Balaklava perhaps.

Adl to Balaklava is 90 km thus fits within distance criteria, but not the mystery location.
If you can ride to and from Balaklava in a day, then you are capable of the same for this mystery location.
Otherwise could do the ride in two days, pack a tent, and stay overnight at a free campsite in the vicinity.

Thompson Beach ?

Ross, the right council area of Adelaide Plains, and definitely close to the mystery location.
One more guess, and if not exact match, will give it to Ross for being so close.

Adl to Thompson Beach is 56 km. Some tourist info, including bird sanctuary. https://www.thompsonbeach.info
Adl to Port Parham is 70 km. The free basic campsite provided by the local council is a further 1 km. http://www.communitywebs.org/PortParham/attractions.php
(All distances from websites.)

At the start I predicted that either one person would know the exact location, or would require clues. I have now learnt of 30 km and 40 km zones within driving distance of Adl, and outside my usual daily cycling distance.


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