Where In The World Is My Bike?
A few of these minor brain teasers popping up on sydneycyclists of late .
Here is a local one ;-) I was actually photographing the local flora (eek!) in the first instance.

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Well done for finding it! 

Well done!

Yes "they" laid down brand spanking new bitumen just the other day and only took them 1 working day for the whole job. Not sure why though as the old road surface was in reasonably condition.

Anyone want to guess where I am? Hint: I'm welcomed to ride on this track.

it seems that wherever you are, you're not quite out of the woods yet ;-)

Well, I do not recognize it so I'll guess -Mawson Trail somewhere?

Not on the Awesome Mawson, somewhat closer to the city than any part of that trail.

Going purely by the hint... Randell Park?

Not there, but you're less than 6km from my location.

Next pot shot!

Chambers Gully Track? Great spot that one!!

Not Chambers Gully but the right sort of terrain.

Next hint: I'm on a single track not a vehicle trail.

Could be the top of Pony Ridge, if that's Brownhill in the background

Getting closer to my location but Pony Ridge is more of a walking trail than a bike friendly trail.


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