Where In The World Is My Bike?
A few of these minor brain teasers popping up on sydneycyclists of late .
Here is a local one ;-) I was actually photographing the local flora (eek!) in the first instance.

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That's it.  I'm not sure whether the gantry, on the earlier boundary of the prison land, was used for prison staff in supervising loading of quarry trains and preventing escapes, or whether it was a railway signal gantry, or both.


Linear Park somewhere?

Yes, somewhere along the 35km of Torrens River trail.

Dang it! That bollard is confusing me, I've ridden that path up and down..
Luv the snap with that pigeon though, one of the better ones I would suggest ;-)

There is a bridge at Underdale, but do not recall if a bollard.

It's not near Underdale.

Shortly after I took the picture the pigeon buzzed right past my face, trying to make me drop my sandwich. It didn't succeed fortunately. Clearly the pigeons are used to being fed at this location and terrorise small children at will. Bad bogan birds!

not on the main trail, to my knowledge there is no part of the main trail that has a bollard in the middle of it. So one of the exit/entry points.

2 ideas:

- the next bridge west of the South Rd underpass, at McDonnell Ave Hindmarsh.

- there's a bridge that I think looks similar near Lochiel Park Golf

we miss Linear Park Trail!!!!!

3rd option, bridge between Camino Dr & Torrens Ave near Blamey Reserve in Kidman Park, there is a toilet block on the northside

None of the above! Further east from your guesses. 

I feel there's a hint in that sandwich comment, but I'm stumped. Further east? There's a bollard / pole in the middle of the path at the dirt track that heads to Gorge Rd, that's as far east as you can go. But the trail there doesn't look anything like your picture.

So somewhere east of Lochiel Park Golf in Campbelltown, and I'm sure it's not on the main drag. North or South side of the trail?


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