Witch hunt of cyclists continues with suggestive headline

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thousands more cyclists riding on footpaths

How do they know this ?  I see hardly any.

The article on the AdelaideNow site has an accompanying video from Melbourne about cycling rules in Melbourne.  That's useful.  

The comments are the usual lot demanding cyclist registration (compulsory number on a hi-viz vest seems to the popular idea) and one suggesting cyclists who break the law should have a leg amputated.  Charming.  The only examples of bad behaviour besides collisions with pedestrians seem to be cyclists going to fast on the linear parkway and cyclists diving off and back onto the road via the footpath to get around red lights.  

> diving off and back onto the road via the footpath to get around red lights

Why is that "bad behaviour"? It is in fact legal.

Yeah but it's unAustralian and unfair. Won't someone think of the poor motorists stuck at the red lights? Why can't they just drive around them like those freeloading cyclists?

Probably they were wearing lycra.  You could be rescuing baby ducks in lycra and it would be bad behaviour.  

I should have put bad behaviour in quotes like you have. 

Michael, was that a cheap shot at me? :-)

Yes I was in lycra, and an orange t-shirt (my standard cycling attire), but if you read my forum contribution correct you'd know I was the one being attacked by the duck ;-) (http://www.adelaidecyclists.com/forum/topics/duck-alert)

As you can see from the strava map, I took a detour...

But was the duck in lycra :-)  Nice detour! 

I rode along there a couple of weeks ago, as I came out of the tunnel I remembered your recent comment about the aggressive duck. Just then had a big duck step on to the path in front of me and give me the evil eye. Nearly hit the embankment trying to avoid him and then pedalled like my arse was on fire in case he was in pursuit. :-)

I have never met a "baby duck in lycra".  What do they look like? Do you have a photo? What do the ducks (and drakes) wear, other than feathers? 

Perhaps our wildlife should be wearing hi-vis registration numbers.


And reflectors front and back !

Belgium used to have reflectors in the spokes. They have gone out of style but you sometimes still see them on older bikes, usually older people.

see http://weg-op-wielen.blogspot.com.au/2015/01/herinnert-u-zich-deze-...

Ever see them in ADL?

My MtBike came with reflectors in the spokes.

The rear one has broken and disappeared - the front one is still hanging in there. The other day I had a cyclist cross in front of me when driving at night - the spoke reflectors really stood out!


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