As I approach my 10th year living in Australia (formerly from South London) I'm realising that I have finally started to acclimatise to the weather here.  I've been able to get by with only a couple of thin layers while riding in what passes for winter in Adelaide but I suspect that my days of doing that are almost over.

I remember a friend saying last year that he wore some fleece-lined shorts and I was wondering what everyone else wears to cope with the inclement months.  Any recommendations / secret tips ?


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Can't help you there. I live and ride in Tasmania and find normal lycra knicks just fine.

Thinking of winter clothing . . . after 11 days of 30+ temps!

The things I find make the most difference are a headwarmer (that wraps right around over the ears), good gloves and shoe covers. 

I bought a pair of Roubaix fleece lined & padded bib longs from Wiggle last year for like $40 which were and are a god send on winter mornings. if your like me and you feel the cold really easily, these are by far the best value and warmth set of bib longs you'll find on the market. Click HERE for the link on these.

The other option is to opt for Roubaix knee or leg warmers to wear with your existing shorts.

My arms I just wear either a long sleeved jersey, a cycling wind proof jacket over a short sleeved jersey, or a pair of roubaix arm warmers with a short sleeved jersey. 

I also wear ear warmers for the cold winter months too. Nothing worst than your ears feeling like they have been frost bitten.

Also consider merino wool socks, and a base layer for your chest for under your jersey.

Not to mention toe warmers or booties for your shoes are an excellent investment. 

ive got normal arm warmers, some leg warmers which seem to suffice. i have a pair of lined long knicks which i rekon i used once or twice last year...

The Adelaide Cyclists long sleeve jerseys look good  =)

In winter I wear my regular summer knicks and top, plus a Netti sleeveless lined top and Ground Effect long unlined over pants and carry a lightweight Vaude raincoat. This covers just about every eventuality from long chilly descents to gruelling climbs in wind still conditions. You need a bag to stuff the extras in when not needed.

I use kitchen paper towel. Tear off a piece four sheets long, fold in two and stick it up the front before I leave. Works better than newspaper, and is more absorbant.

+1 Frank - Top of the head warm and feet warm you are 95% of the way there. Probably should add in gloves as well. 

Merino is your friend, I got through last winter with a merino base layer, normal jersey, arm warmers, gloves & gilet up top and just bibs, knee warmers & shoe covers down below.

Admittedly both the arm & knee warmers have a fleece style lining, but that saw me through temps down to 0.

Waiting on delivery of these in prep for this winter:

There was a long thread before on merino wool base layers.  Maybe this one

Highly recommended. 

My lower half I pretty much leave to fend for itself - my legs don't normally cause me cold discomfort.

I bought the AdelaideCyclist winter jacket last winter and it really is good. I wear it with a long sleeved thermal underneath and I'm toasty warm on even chilly chilly middle of winter Adelaide crack of dawn mornings.

A good pair of gloves - without my thumb nails are not happy!

As above - I need to get something for my ears, cold thumbs are not fun - neither cold ears  --  brrr!

I got myself some Kathmandu thermals, top and bottom last year and find they are usually adequate for my 0430 winter commutes when worn with regular knicks and jersey. (Kathmandu at Modbury appear to have constant sales). If it's really cold I add or substitute the short sleeve with my Adelaide Cyclists long sleeve jersey. If theres a chance of a shower I take my Netti rain jacket or if rain is forecast I wear my Adelaide Cyclists rain jacket. The only issue I had with any of those combinations was on one occaision when I wore the thermal, a jersey and the jacket, I got way too hot. Overshoes (booties) are really good value for cold rides and essential for wet. For my hands I wear budget full fingered gloves, if it's really cold I add a pair of fairly thin wool gloves next to the skin from Kathmandu. On my head summer or winter I wear a Bufanda from Cell Bikes $3 each. They soak up perspiration in summer and can be adjusted to keep the ears warm in winter.


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