Been a bit crisp in the morning I'm sure all have noticed. Chilly all this next week.

Cycled home last night in something like 6DegC, but of course it felt less. How much less might that be?
A few years back I had ice crystals forming on my forearms - yeah, I was surprised!

These days of course we have a web-page for almost everything :-)
I even found an equation:

To calculate wind chill use the equation:
Wind Chill = 13.12 + (0.6215 x T) - (11.37 x V^0.16) + (0.3965 x T x V^0.16)

A little surprised humidity doesn't factor in..

But they aren't overly consistent - yikes!
Guess it's rounding stuff?

But we do know wind chill!!
Cycling along at 40Km/hr equates to some 0.7DegC.
Same speed at 5DegC and you get -0.7DegC - Brr!! Below zero has gotta be felt ;-)

The first 3 or so off of Mr Google:

PS: html tag sup seems broken :-(

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Red Red Wine .... remember running into you in a tasting establishment the Vale way a few years ago Ross.   :) indeed!

No wind this morning, not that could see the top of the trees too well with the fog.


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