Been a bit crisp in the morning I'm sure all have noticed. Chilly all this next week.

Cycled home last night in something like 6DegC, but of course it felt less. How much less might that be?
A few years back I had ice crystals forming on my forearms - yeah, I was surprised!

These days of course we have a web-page for almost everything :-)
I even found an equation:

To calculate wind chill use the equation:
Wind Chill = 13.12 + (0.6215 x T) - (11.37 x V^0.16) + (0.3965 x T x V^0.16)

A little surprised humidity doesn't factor in..

But they aren't overly consistent - yikes!
Guess it's rounding stuff?

But we do know wind chill!!
Cycling along at 40Km/hr equates to some 0.7DegC.
Same speed at 5DegC and you get -0.7DegC - Brr!! Below zero has gotta be felt ;-)

The first 3 or so off of Mr Google:

PS: html tag sup seems broken :-(

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Ice crystals on forearms.... yikes!

I'm not sure if it is a slightly different route (due to not commuting to work due to COVID), or my age; but unlike previous winters (and late autumns), this year I find I need to ride in a long sleeved top every time.

+1 amazed at ice crystals on forearms!

This winter seemed to have started with that april29 storm.

The air (and ocean) has stayed cool ever since.

Cold mornings, mild afternoons and light breezes forecast for several days now. Good cycling conditions.. enjoy!

Wind chill? Mmmm, probably why it felt a bit nippy yesterday whilst hurtling down Target Hill Rd after lunch.

Shivering on the long descents is starting to become normality despite stopping and adding extra layers. 

This morning was the coldest yet with frost covering the Capella oval here at Hallett Cove. By the beach frost is rare so how was it further inland or up in the hills?.. Graeme

Adelaide CBD records coldest morning since 1944 as ice forms on River Torrens.
West Tce minimum 0.9C

Cold if cycling to an early work start.
At Kent Town at 7am the temp was 1.3C and apparent temp -0.7C

Well I cycled both Tuesday and Wednesday mornings - glad I've got a hi-tech jacket!

Using one of the online calculators 2degC equates to -5degC @ 40Km/hr - eek!!
Interestingly my toes seemed the most "frozen" bit of me when I got to work.

The patches of frost were quite pretty and lots of frosted cars, nothing like winter in the air ;-)

Some of these hints for motorbiking also apply to cycling.
Protection from the weather, posted by Motorcycle Council of NSW

Kewl bananas! Looks like another bout of frosty morning to be had.

Yep, no avoiding the push-bike as the other half bags the car .. we'll find out the chill factor in person ;-)

I'll answer myself - 9.9degC at Kent Town - almost balmy!

Ross, 9.9C is cool enough.
Guess you did not leave home at dawn to cycle to work.
Minimum temps this week for Kent Town:
Mon 6-Jul-2020 5.8C
Tue 7-Jul-2020 8.2C
Wed 8-Jul-2020 3.9C
Thu 9-Jul-2020 5.8C

A weather change tomorrow. Forecast is wet, windy and chance of thunderstorm in the evening.

Nah - I usually bang out at about 7:30am, sometimes 6am if I have a 7am start.

Yep, wet weekend it seems and I'm on holidays over on Yorkes! No bikes but it seems we have red-wine ;-)


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