Can anyone tell me what the Willunga Grand Slam route is likely to be - what has it been in past years?  There is nothing posted on the Bicycle SA site that I can see.

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PDF map attached

Be weary that one section towards the end of Colville road going towards St Andrews terrace Willunga  - bridge works is still underway - its been like this months!!


Might be seeing an detour there - don't know where

Does anybody else have a problem reading these maps. The font is shocking

Sure do.  They're pretty hard to read.  A Garmin Connect link or similar would be ideal.


That way I could see the elevation etc.  Helps decide on if its doable on the singlespeed or the roadie.

Bike SA will be making a  small detour - more details later
Sometimes Bike SA do a URL link with route / elevation profile  -

Was trying to find the map myself and found a draft on


Hope that helps anyone looking.



Haines Road is also closed and won't be ready in time.
I didn't see one there.


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