Will Prime Minister Tony Abbott be a cycling champion? (article from the SMH)


Tony Abbott has once or twice gone on record saying that we need to build better infrastructure for cyclists but has been almost completely silent during the election period.

The final question in the above article is:

Do you think the new PM can or should give more back to the cycling community?

(or will he?)

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With all Tony's talk about being the "Infrastructure" PM, it would be a real shame if he does not do a similar thing here. Accounting for differences in population, that is about $100 million. It is something worth pushing for.

and another timely reminder why segregated infrastructure is needed. Sharing the road principles will never work. http://karlmccracken.sweat365.com/2013/09/10/franklins-cyclecraft-a...

Not when he helps his Personal Assistance beat a drink-driving charge!

I've seen the news that she 'got off' 'very lightly' (my opinion).

Haven't seen any stories saying or even implying that Abbot helped - can you point me in their direction - that would be extraordinary.


Agree Simon she got off lightly, yes would like to know if there is story linking Abbott! I doubt it

Actually Reidy, I've read a few stories saying that is a standard sentence for a 'low range' BAC and a clean driving record.  That would surprise me, but to be honest I don't really know.

Any experts on that matter here?  Anyone got done recently (or have acquaintances that have been done recently)?


Thanks Frank - clean driving record otherwise?


Did she have a character reference from the incoming Attorney General ?

They would surely cover up any involvement from Tony, but we could have an educated guess!

Nah, there wouldn't have been anything improper. Why would our PM-Elect risk his entire career over a staffer? He'd throw her to the wolves rather than risk his career by trying to influence a Judge.

The Australian judiciary have been fiercly independant in the past so I think any interferance may result in the maximum penalty out of sheer bloody mindedness. :-)

Re: the fines

Copied this from the SA MAC website for a first offence.  ACT will be different of course but in SA it sounds like a heavy fine and loss of points if you pay the expiation notice and don't go to court.

BAC - 0.050-0.079

Fine - $1100, Expiation Fee $515 +$60,

Licence Disqualification - Automatic of not less than 3 months for Court imposed fine.  No loss of Licence for first offence on issue of Expiation Notice

Demerit Points - 4 incurred

Incoming Attorney-General George Brandis, the First Law Officer of the Commonwealth, just happened to write to the courts providing a character reference for Peta Credlin. 


Yep.  Like she said it was dealt with in the normal way :-)


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