Will Prime Minister Tony Abbott be a cycling champion? (article from the SMH)


Tony Abbott has once or twice gone on record saying that we need to build better infrastructure for cyclists but has been almost completely silent during the election period.

The final question in the above article is:

Do you think the new PM can or should give more back to the cycling community?

(or will he?)

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Ummmm, doubt it, it seem his infrastructure plans are all about roads, which as we all know equals more cars. I think we have far better hope with our state and local governments.

Are there votes in cycling infrastructure?

It's hard to say, no one voted for the Motoring Enthusiasts party, but due to the twists of fate they got a senate seat, so...

But Abbott is in and no doubt he will be able to work with the LDP (a libertarian leaning party, Liberal Democracy exactly describes their ideology), PUP etc to pass his carbon tax repeal, so there is no real risk to him for another 3 years.

A pity someone didn't form a "Cyclist Safety" senate party - they may have got a seat if they made the right preference deals. Would have been a good foothold to advocate for cyclists - and have a voice against the mighty automobile associations and other lobby groups...

I doubt it!

No Derryn Hinch in Lycra would be inappropriate ;)

Is it OK to advertise in loose fitting tracksuit?



tracky daks are the national dress of australia

Doubt it, but it depends. If you mean by ‘cycling community’ being the recreational/race types that ride on weekends and/or add another 20-40 k to their commute to and from work to keep fit then perhaps yes. But I don’t think Tony will do much to improve the conditions for the vast population where cycling could be an alternative to driving to get from A to B or being dropped by car to school by parents on school runs.

I was pleasantly surprised to read that Tony back in 2008 talked about segregated (not separated) bicycle infrastructure, referencing Danish studies and making it planning requirements that new roads has ‘shoulders’ wide enough for bike lanes, but  5 years is a long time with no action or further mention.

In the meantime I look for to him announcing the Australian government funding a quarter billion dollars to boost cycling in cities across Australia like David Cameron is doing in England.


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