You think by now motorists would know they need to give vulnerable road users a bit of room on the road. Not so apparently with this WA plated van this morning.

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l have lived there, they just have no clue how to drive.

1/ orange light, the next person after me has to stop

2/ red light, the next person after me definately has to stop

3/ green light, throw a double six to go

4/ at a red light turn off your engine, do not turn it back on until the vehicle in front of you moves forward

5/ a brief flash of indicators, l have just turned right or left

6/ extended flashing of indicators, l turned right or left some time ago

7/ (my personal favourite), when entering a carriageway, drift across as many lanes as required to reach the lane furtherest from your point of entry.

8/ roundabouts, first in wins.

Not unexpected, considering the road layout at that point. Consider yourself lucky that you survived to tell the tale.

I'm not sure of the location of the close pass but it looks like descending down cement hill.

If so it's much safer to stay in the middle of the lane on all descents, no just for "close cars" but if you run over any random road debris you have a good metre to correct your line before hitting the metal barrier. 

Maybe you moved over during the overtake and thats where the image was taken from but either way they shouldnt be that close while descending. 

Im not sure if others agree but my advice is to TAKE THE LANE on all descents and especially pass busy T junction like the one illustrated.

Yester Street Brighton this morning.


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