Why I love bike tracks - and am not a fan of bike lanes

Just to get a bit more perspective on bike tracks vs. bike lanes. Segregated bicycle infrastructure vs. 'share the road'.

Here is a recent article from Copenhagenize.com clearly illustrating how it is done out side built up areas:



Best practise

No need to re-invent - just copy.

Notice the quality of the surface - this is possible when heavy vehicle don't encroach. Notice the comments that 'sport cyclists' (read lycra) use them too. I did too once. No problem doing group rides or at least 2 abreast.

For those that still believe in 'sharing the road' I recommend this article

Australia has for too long been pursuing the approach of creating 'stroads'

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And there I thought you might propose boganize... the alternative method to get cyclists off the road, but alas you've not surprised.


www.boganize.com - a view from the traffic jam?

blog posts about how to get the biggest loudest petrol guzzler, hanging out the window, fag in mouth, yelling obscenities or other stupid comments like "get a car" , "pay rego" etc.

A fair bit of inspiration available in these comments https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=468787473193864&set=a.3...

I suspect these are the minority borderline psychopaths. And, like most groups, they tend to group around whatever flame heats them up.

If, for arguments sake, we all decided to ride on the footpath, as 1 or 2 of these nice citizens suggested, do you think they'd stop? Just ignore them.

Totally agree. The 'sharing the road' and 'vehicular cycling' ideas are useful survival techniques but that is all. The article shows exactly how it is done. It even clearly sets out "the four types of bicycle infrastructure in Denmark that make up the Best Practice." Worth a read.

Not sure who or what classifies it as best practice. There are some great ideas but some serious safety flaws as well. When you put the bike facility in it has to be safe in respect to surrounding infrastructure. The separation or "clear width' between road and track is nowhere near enough in some pics for 60kph let alone greater speeds outside of the built up zone. Some great ideas tho.


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