Who is the MTB group that was out tonight at Cobbler Creek Recreation Park

on my drive home  and just as I got to the end of Bridge Road / The Grove Way 

Just near Cobbler Creek Recreation Park  around 6PM  there was a group of people with MTB's that looked like they were getting ready for a ride. 

I was doing 80K when I went past,  they were on the left hand side on the hill next to the road as I was heading to The Grove Way   and I thought I saw someone in Gawler Wheelers top  however I could be wrong as i was driving past and only noticed it at the last few seconds. 

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Avanti Plus Salisbury 

This weeks event schedule.
MTB Monday- Cobblers Creek 6pm, Kirby will be missing but we'll still get 2 groups going, come on out, bring a buddy.

Thanks heaps for that,  I will have to keep an eye out on them  I have always wanted to go for a ride there. 

seeing all the dual suspension bikes there makes me want the Merida I have been looking at more now.. dam it

get a 29er, I just got one last week. No looking back. 

Takes some out for a demo and see what you think.

that was the plan when I had the $$$ to get one to test a few out.     I been thinking about a 29er, and was looking at the Giant Trance in that range. 

However really been interested in the 27.5's narrowed it down to a Merida One - Forty B  or a Giant Trance.  

from what I can see the Giant appears to be a little bit better value ( and cheeper ) 

was hoping that my GT would hold together a little longer  to see what happens with those range ( and hope to get a run out model  to save a bit of $   I am in no massive hurry. 

29ers are great. 650b is the latest trend and Giant are big fans of it. I believe they have over 10 bikes for 2014 with that wheel size. 

Dual suspension is a bit of a personal preference. I own both hard tail and dual and I prefer the hardtail as a fun bike to ride. I use the dually for rides over 6 hours or downhill racing. If you have back issues I'd say get a dually but if you just want to go ride for a few hours and have fun, get a hard tail.

The rides at cobbler creek on Monday's are awesome. Leave from AvantiPlus Salisbury at 6pm. There are normally two groups (fast and slow) so you can ride with either one. It'd be great to see you out there.

There is also a Facebook group where we will occasionally post about going for rides and track development/maintenance.


thanks heaps for that  will see how I go to get there one day  

yep a lot of brands have really gone all in with the 27's 

the 2 that I was looking at both had full lock out of the rear's  so that was a big reason I was looking at them as it would suit me for a few different things I wanted to do instead of having to get a few different bikes ( not that it is a bad thing  it is getting it past the minister or war and finance ) I have enough issues with my other sport all ready ;) 

Big difference eh? Loved the move up myself. I might get down to Rads this winter... erm, summer, depending on the weather up here, and if I do would love to hook up with some trail rides. Though the bike I have down there is my old 26er :O Oh well.

Stop at Avanti (Main North Rd), introduce yourself and have a chat with them - nothing to lose.


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