On the News tonight people are once again complaining about the Frome Street Bikeway. Now they are trying to say it slows down ambulances (although there was nobody on the News from SA Ambulance making any complaint). 

They are saying that businesses are being affected by lack of parking (even though there is now more parking than before.

They are complaining about motorists being fined for parking in the bikeway claiming there is no clear signage ( there is plenty of signage are they blind?)

They are complaining bout traffic congestion although the time lapse filming by the TV station showed no congestion at all.

I wish people would stop their whinging and lying. Bikeways are hear to stay so get used to it.

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Let's just give up, let them ban bikes and learn to accept their car-clogged paradise

There's also a post by The Advertiser on this:  http://m.adelaidenow.com.au/messenger/city/ambulance-drivers-raise-...

The way I read it Alex Antic, who is seeking election to council, wants some airplay and The Advertiser gave it to him.  

Looking at your link Heather and the included photo, the caption reads, "An ambulance with its flashing lights being forced to use the Frome Street bike lane because of traffic." I would have said, "The highly trained paramedic driving this ambulance with its flashing lights, choosing to use the Frome Street bike lane because it provides an option not available on other roads to negotiate heavy traffic." Might have been a bit long though... and wouldn't have served the journalist's and the paper's, biased agenda. I agree with Gus (below), it's simply politics. I'm sick of the news media pushing political barrows but don't expect any positive change to that in my lifetime. I stopped reading the Advertiser in 1990 and keep finding reasons not to start again.

Calling a Paramedic who is driving an ambulance an 'ambulance driver' is like calling a Registered Nurse helping a patient with toileting a 'bed pan changer'. Yes, we drive, just like they change bed pans... 

+1. Bike tracks in Copenhagen double up as very efficient emergency lanes for Police and ambulances when (motor) traffic is clogging up the street. Here we call is win win but I guess the pesimists can always construe anything

I have seen this happen in Copenhagen the bike lanes actually give emergency vehicles better access.

It's Mayoral candidates trying to unseat and undermine Stephen Yarwood. It's simply politics. Let's see what policies they offer as alternative.

Yes, it is election time again.
For an alternative view, join the AC group Vote For Cyclists and set your profile to be notified of new discussions.
Link http://www.adelaidecyclists.com/group/VoteForCyclists
Candidates' blurbs were posted on LGA website yesterday.
Next week I will add info to the AC group and invite pro-cycling candidates to join.
heather, coordinator of Vote For Cyclists

"The Frome St bikeway has reduced two traffic lanes to one, in each direction to allow for kerbside bike lanes."

The main reason it's down to a lane each way is to allow for parking, not the bike lane.

It's practically the same as using the tram corridor.  Emergency service vehicles use it here, in Melbourne and in Sydney.  Bus lanes get used as well.

The move to the new RAH will have to consider the implementation of bike tracks down Morphett and down the eastern end of North Tce.  I hear the banjo's getting restless already.

This was 5:30pm last night.  No congestion until you leave the bit with the bikeway.  It is almost always like this in my experience.

There is about a ten-minute period some time between 5:00 and 5:30 where it jams up a bit in the last segment, but it's also jammed in the two-lane part to the north so ...

Wow - what a contrast!


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