Ok, so I am going to do 3 Peaks again in 2015 but go for sub 10 this time so I want to start using power instead of HR to train. But which one to get?

I have a Kaiser M3 indoor spin bike which I like using for sufferfest sessions and it has a power display. It isn't a great meter as while it seems to be consistent, it doesn't have very good fidelity and I can't record the data. So kinda helpful.

I run a Garmin 500 on my roadies.

So I think my options are:

1. Get a power meter for my bike and try and estimate what the equivalent power is on my spin bike for indoor sessions. Might be good enough.
2. Get a pedal based system and swap them constantly. Bit too painful.
2. Get a LH pedal (e.g. The Vector) for the spin bike and a second meter for the roadie. Most expensive option.

My questions really are, how helpful will just a LH power meter be from a training perspective and will the 'rough' power on the spin bike be ok for indoor sufferfest sessions.



P.S. I already have compact cranks and can put on my medium cage rear to get down to 36x32 for 3 peaks. The 32 was my new best friend at WTF corner last March :-)

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I'm not associated with the store (other than regular cust.) so don't want to commit them to anything - but it was cheaper than I could find on-line in Australia.

Perhaps ring up (or even better call in), ask for Aaron and tell him I referred you. Get the price then shop around.

Dura-Ace 7800 was what I bought. Although not all shops have them on display pretty much any bike shop can get them in from the rep. I've got the V2 unit and so far so good.


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