My utility cycling involves lots of stops with short rides in between.
Seems like a pain removing front and rear cameras. So I waited for a helmet with built-in cameras.
In Dec-2019 I considered a CycleVision Edge Twin Camera but not excited. Guess there is no ‘perfect solution’.
Then in Jan-2020 injured by SUV in hit-run. Daytime, with my yellow bike, and wearing hi-vis vest. The irony.
So back to considering cameras, while I take an enforced break from cycling. Must be able to record vehicle rego and in many conditions.
The Fly12 and Fly6 sound interesting, if riding longer distances, or don’t mind frequently removing the cameras.
Any thoughts?

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I've used Fly6/12 for a few years now, currently have the latest version CE. you can't beat it for simplicity and battery life, 4-8 hours use depending on whether or not you're using the light as well. I've had a couple of convictions resulting from a close pass and stuff being thrown at me, but found it does help to know a policeman when reporting it! The only issue I have had is that despite their assurances, then Fly6 does NOT like water! ... but if you have mudguards, it's not a problem. 

I use a fly6/12 as well. No issues with them other than just having to reformat the SD card now and again (I should probably do it more often just to be on the safe side). The rear one comes off easy if you're out and about. The front one needs a bit more work, but it's literally less than 30 secs to take off a little bit more to put back on, just lining the holes up for the bolt.

Does that mean a fly6 for the rear and a fly12 for the front?

My problem is that (from a quick google) they are about $250 each. I cannot justify that expense, in fact the total is almost as much as my bike! 

Yes Peter, Fly 6 rear and Fly 12 at the front. The Fly 12 was actually around $450 when I bought it. I get what you're saying about justifying the cost, yes it's expensive, but was much cheaper than the potential legal bills and time wasted, when I got cleaned up by a texting driver. While the camera didn't pick up their phone usage (and the cops didn't check the phone!), it was very clear that their driving was negligent. My comprehensive insurance paid out pretty quickly and went after the driver (who was un-insured) once they saw the footage. That bike was worth about $2k, plus my phone and helmet got smashed, so I got paid out about $2.5k. That was pretty easy from my end.

MAC was a different story, but I think they're programmed to try and piss you off to the point that you give up and they don't have to pay out. The video helped a lot with that though, so my medical bills all got paid much easier than they would have without the video.

Hi Heather

I've never had a rear facing camera. I'd love one but have to consider the expense as Peter notes.

I have used an old GoPro Hero 3 for years and the video is excellent. Much cheaper versions would do a similar job. I just have it mounted on the handle bars in its water proof case. Problem here is audio is almost non existent. I could use the partial rear cover to improve sound however I have elected to get an aftermarket "all day" battery which fits on the back. Cheap battery and originally lasted about 6 hours, now down to about four hours after a couple of years.

I have it on the bars to avoid making obvious. Problem is you have to take it out when locking at shops, toilet etc. Download from SD card is pretty simple. I used to just do it in the raw but when I installed the actual GoPro software (which isn't bad) on the computer, it insists on downloading into the GoPro software now and this is slow on my old PC. I could probably alter this but don't know how. 

It has been useful. Got knocked off bike by car turning from opposite lane, spun into roadway, luckily traffic stopped. Driver claimed she got past without touching me. Video clearly showed me colliding with her rear wheel. Not injured, no damage to bike, no need to claim but was glad I had it.

Many incidents recorded are cars pulling out of sidestreets in front of me without giving way and same at roundabouts. Close passing is really common and probably a rear camera would help.

Haven't had much luck with reporting close passing to police, beyond one driver being warned. I was happy he was told and he probably has not done it since. Have been annoyed by attitude of police on other occasions because they have said "looks ok", meaning no blood splash or severed limbs evident. Not prepared to use common sense to judge from gutter width and road markings where car was in relation to bike. Seriously, if I passed a patrol car as closely as I have been passed by cars on North East Road near, the ABC, I'd expect to be tasered senseless.

Anyway, on a lighter note, watching vision of your rides gives a different perspective. I have been stunned, looking at descents from Norton Summit, Montacute, Eagle on the hill, appreciating how lucky we are to have such picturesque and beautiful regions to ride through. Even watching footage of riding the Linear path reminds me how lucky we are to live and ride in clean, beautiful parks. 


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