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Who does respraying of frames? I'm looking for a recommendation! 

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Would it help if you mention if you want a good utilitarian job or the ultra shiny shiny job?

Thanks, Don. I'm looking for something professional to respray my Colnago Dream Lux

I've heard good things about Central Powder Coaters - around $60 for a frame job, including sand blasting. Hard wearing but not quite as shiny as a spray job.

Joe Cosgrove is usually recommended, or check with a local Colnago dealer to see if the factory still does a repainting service.

In all my research when respraying my 79 Colnago Super, steer clear of powder coating. I agree with Phillip Knight above. Bryan Hayes (AIS Frame builder) still does spray jobs - not sure if he does detailed ones.

Thanks everyone. Joe Cosgrove charges $1200, waaaaaay too much!! I'm looking for someone in Adelaide that does a good job for a reasonable price.

A few hundred dollars is more like what I'm thinking...

Oh really? First bad news I've heard of powder coating. What's the problems with it?

Limited colour range and pretty much only one colour painting. Thickness of paint can be too much and hide fine lug work and you can't powder coat carbon fibre.  Very cheap and durable though.

did you find anyone local?

If it is a better quality frame, and you want a quality job, I am happy to recommend Daniel Stone


what is the frame?

You could also try a motorcycle painter.

One I had recommended to me for restoration work on my BSA (push)bikes was:

Custom Colours (Owen, location: Woodside), 8389 8674, 0432 923 121

I have not used his services, but I know motorcyclists who have and are very satisfied.

Are you trying to restore the original paint job or just repainting? If you are just repainting would you consider selling it with the original paintwork? Once it has been repiainted its value is gone.


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