Couldn't sleep this morning so headed out at a quick lap along the beach but couldn't find anywhere open for coffee before 7. Anyone got a hot tip?

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BP south road Melorse park have done some corkers for me on a sunday morning before heading south. To be quite honest a lot better and consistent then some of the more boutique look at me coffee houses around town.

La Musette!

The problem with coffee is that it smells like heaven and tastes like s**t! Unlike durian, which is the exact opposite.

You've tasted Durian!

Yes, I did that too in Bali!

Maybe we should organise an early morning group ride to Franks place.

For a dead beetle juice ? 

Dead beetles would have to be better than what I had that time after hours at the BP on Marion Road at Mitchell Park, but they guy on the machine in the morning, Monday to Friday, Luke, makes a magic coffee!

PS  I love beetles.  Not beetles were harmed in the making of this ad...

Dead beetle juice?

Cochineal.  (Sort of a beetle.)

La Musette!

La Musette!

Whipped at Semaphore is open from 7, as is Loose Caboose at Bowden, OK so thats not BEFORE 7 but its pretty close and they are both really yummy!

La Musette!


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