Couldn't sleep this morning so headed out at a quick lap along the beach but couldn't find anywhere open for coffee before 7. Anyone got a hot tip?

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Couldn't sleep? Maybe too much coffee ;)

From experience it seems Cibo (city) is the only place open. La Mussette at Glenelg is also open early but I'm not sure if it's before 7

Haven't been down Rundle Street before 7 for ages but one of the bigger cafes on the Nth side used to be open at 6.

Might sound strange but the IGA on North Tce opposite RAH opens at 6am every day except Sundays, they have a built-in cafe and make a great coffee.

Broadway Cafe at the end of Broadway at Glenelg

Pretty sure it is open @ 6.30am....

Good coffee

Forgot about them. Got burned by some bad service there a while ago so have been of my radar. Will give them another go. use to love sitting in the window and watch the storms comein over the ocean in winter.



LaMusette - we have regularly been open on weekends from 5am ... but that is mostly just to advertise the fact that yes - we are in fact open. 

We just don't get people stopping for a coffee first thing in the morning though, so I use the quiet time in the shop to give ourselves a coffee, and get some development work done on various non-coffee related projects.

Gawler Wheelers are having a full moon ride tonight and they will be calling into an On The Run for a coffee. I know that there are a quite a few scattered around Adelaide. They are 24/7 operations and the coffee is supposed to be drinkable (if you like that sort of thing)

Check out the locations here

On the Run is variable according to who's on duty. Holden Hill is really good on Saturday mornings.

Be very careful of coffees at Service Stations after hours...

There is a BP (or whatever they call themselves now) on Marion Road at Mitchell Park, that has great coffee Monday to Friday from 6 am when a guy called Luke is on the machine.  Other times and other "baristas" can be very dodgy.  I had the worst and most disgusting coffee I have ever had at the same servo, late in the evening when someone else was on duty.

Obviously La Musette has to get my vote - they are champions to open at 5 am!  Plus great coffee and great people!

Petrol would have been preferable!

I've never been, but have heard good reports of the coffee at Public on Franklin Street in the city.

They officially open at 7 BUT if you are to believe the local tabloid's website:

"One of the city's newest cafe bar establishments, Public on Franklin St, opens its kitchen at 7am but once staff are setting up, say about 6.30am, people start sneaking in..."

Read more:


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