where in adelaide to get a carbon frame resprayed

got a cannondale synape carbon frame that needs a strip back and respray.

nothing fancy for the paint job required.  Any ideas on who / where please?

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any ideas on cost as well... cheers

Well thats disappointing was hoping to see a few businesses here.
I know a few that would love to get a re spray for their bike.
Nice little side business to set up if you had the talent.

I get my steel frames painted by Daniel at


he has done carbon ones as well
his standard is very high, and as fancy as you want. My last one I supplied detailed vector artwork for the spearpoints. 

cost is a factor of the preparation time, so each one will vary.


+1 for cracked carbon

Speak to the guys at Mike Turtur Cycles. I just had clear coat repaired on my 11 year old Orbea - looks great. Apparently they use a local guy in Southern suburbs somewhere.


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